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Hyaluronidase Dissolved Natural Tissue - Will It Regenerate?

Hi There, I had voluma dissolved with hyaluronidase from my cheekbones. There was only .2 of voluma in each cheek, and the doctor used half a unit of hyaluronidase to dissolve the filler a week later (I was desperately unhappy with the outcome and wanted to go back to how I was previously).... READ MORE

Filler Removal

I went to see Dr. Engler to dissolve a big amount of Juvederm Voluma that was injected on top and on the sides of my nose after several liquid rhinoplasties done over the course of two years with another doctor in Europe. The filler injected was just too much and I wanted it out of my face. Dr.... READ MORE

Ultrasound For Those of You Who Are Dealing with Filler Nightmares That Even Hyaluronidase Cannot Fix - New York, NY

Hello, I am sharing my experience with those who are dealing with a voluma/juvederm nightmare. Some of you may be too scared to get hyaluronidase, but an even more unfortunate number of you cannot dissolve the filler regardless of the amount of vitrase they have injected. I belong to the latter... READ MORE

Thank Goodness - Rancho Cucamonga, CA

I am no stranger to fillers. I have had good experiences with them, as well as complete life-altering nightmares. I recently decided to try filler again,and chose a Beverly Hills oculoplastic surgeon to inject my temples. He did (3 vials of Restylane total). While I was there, he convinced me to... READ MORE

Hyaluraonidase Save - Nashville, TN

After a bad outcome from under eye injections at another plastic surgeons office I went to see Lori Lankford at Dr. JJ Wendel's office. She explained that this injection would dissolve the unwanted filler. It was simple, easy and very effective. I went back to see her a few weeks later for... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase Works 5 Years After Dermal Filler Injection - London, TX

I had dermal fillers injected into my tear troughs and nasojugal lines when I was 27, I am now 32. I did it really because the nasojugal lines were asymmetrical. I have a slightly asymmetrical face to start off with. The initial treatment really worked. Flattened out my face, but a 3years later... READ MORE

Lynn Wojton is SIMPLY THE BEST! - New York, NY

Prior to seeing Lynn, I went to a new med spa recommended by a friend for the first time to just get a touch up of Botox on forehead and crows feet. Well sadly to say, the NP there convinced me hard to get Juvederm Voluma in my face/cheeks to add fullness. I have very high cheekbones and a... READ MORE

Removal of Juvederm Under Eyes - Illinois, IL

I've read several physicians on this site express that Hyaluronidase does not affect native hyaluronic acid, and a small percent of physicians that claim it does. Well, I would have to agree with the small percent. I had hyaluronidase administered in 3 separate sessions about a month apart under... READ MORE

Vitrase Dissolved Cheek Tissue - Portland, OR

I was overfilled with Restylane under the eyes and went to another doctor -- Dr. Dailey -- to have it removed with Vitrase. I specifically asked him if there was any chance that the Vitrase would permanently dissolve my own tissue. He was emphatic in saying no. So I agreed to have him inject... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase-works but Takes Times for HA to Regenerate - Orange County, CA

I've had hyaluronidase a few times over the past few years for bad filler (once under eye and twice for upper lip/smoker lines) and what I've found is that yes it absolutely leaves dents (I think it definitely eats away natural hyaluronic acid) BUT those dents do fill back in over time, in my... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase to Reverse Restylane Bags - AU

I had restalane under my eyes. I had it done previously just in the tear trough and loved it. This time I had a little more injected under the eye which in retrospect I probably did not need. My skin I found was extremely delicate. I swelled and bruised which is common with me and after weeks... READ MORE

Dr. Patel Made my Nasolabials Look Normal Again After Somebody else at a Shady Med Spa Gave Me Awful Juvederm Injections

My review is for both Dr. Patel and Nurse Carey. Long story short, I trusted a medspa in Naperville to give me Juvederm on a whim. They did a terrible job, both in the amount they injected, the location, and the pattern. I am 28 and noticed my lines were started to look more deep than a few... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase - New York, NY

This review is overdue. A few years ago i had beloteo injected under my eyes and it was a nightmare: blue and lumpy with huge bags. That is when i found Dr Shelton. Dr Shelton did a couple of rounds of hyaluronidase, and he solved my issues and my under eye aea looked better than ever... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase for Chin - Washington, DC

I had voluma injected in my chin by an out of town surgeon earlier this year and in my opinion it was too much and drew attention to my chin which was not what I wanted. I went to Dr. Chaboki to try to get some of the voluma dissolved. Dr. Chaboki has excellent bedside manner and answers all... READ MORE

Should Have Done This Last Year - London, UK

I had restylane in Oct 2009 by Dr. S in Solihull clinic Birmingham, UK. A very nice guy, but not very good with injectable. He injected far too much and used a type of restylane which was too hard for the eye area. I ended up with a bean like lump under one eye, which infact drew more... READ MORE

Not Worth It

I want to delete my previous review but RealSelf won't allow. My experience with this doctor was not worth it. I want to delete my previous review but RealSelf won't allow that. My experience with this doctor was not worth it. I want to delete my previous review but RealSelf won't allow that. ... READ MORE

Vitrase to Dissolve Juvederm Ultra Plus - Manhattan, NY

I went for a touch up a year after my initial injection of Juvederm Ultra Plus XC to cheeks, when the injector overfilled my cheek area with 3 syringes of Juvederm Ultra Plus XC. The filler was so much that it migrated up to my cheeks, completely changing my looks and my smile. The injector was... READ MORE

Unwantes Filler in Right Nasolabial Fold and Lips - New York, NY

I wanted fuller lips so I decided I wanted lip injections. I was injected with Juvederm Ultra Plus at another derms office. The PA used about 1/4 of the syringe in my right nasolabial fold, not touching my left, with the rest of the syringe in my lips. The results came out horrible giving me a... READ MORE

Fixed a Side Effect from Injection from Another Surgeon. Southfield, MI

I had a nodule that formed unader my left eye by the injection Voluma which was done by another surgeon. I decided to go to a specialist and found Doctor Gladstone. I can not say enough good thingame. He was down. To earth and understandung. Today the nodule is gone. I am going back to... READ MORE


I went to get juvederm corrected that was done by another doctor. Dr. Corrado was so friendly, professional and knowledgeable! His staff was very helpful and made me feel so comfortable. I have been to many other practices, but by far Dr. Corrado and his staff exceeded all my... READ MORE

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