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Hyaluronidase is an injectable enzyme solution that speeds the natural breakdown of hyaluronic acid. It is used to counteract the effects of hyaluronic acid-based fillers like Juvederm or Restylane—for those whose original dermal filler treatments did not turn out as they had envisioned. LEARN MORE ›

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I am having a problem with belotero and the subsequent treatment with hyaluronidase. I had Belotero under my eyes. I do not believe they were overfilled but apparently Belotero can draw water. It's a benefit to most but for some, especially if you have thin skin, it creates puffy bags under... READ MORE

Had Juv Ultra put above top lip (between nose and lip, above outer corner areas for loss of volume) about 3 years ago. It was definitely overfilled slightly when initially done but over time it seemed to gain volume and also seemed to migrate down toward the upper edges of my lip. So, when I... READ MORE

I had tear trough filler in the past by a "medspa". Im a thin person with a thin face and into my 30s the hollowness under my eyes made me feel tired and old. I just wanted a little natural volume in this area to look like a rested version of myself. I want to tell people who are considering... READ MORE

I am a 46 year old female with fair skin. I'm 5'4, 116 pds and in decent shape (I exercise regularly but not hard fit) I have been getting fillers for the past 6 years, mainly under the eyes to address the trough area and then a little bit here and there for facial balance. I have gone to two... READ MORE

I had big swollen cheek after 3 weeks of Juvaderm filler placed in my cheeks each cheek had 1.5 cc , it's not my first time to have fillers I used to have fillers I tried all of them never had a complication before , then I decided to change my doctor and I ruined everything. I had a huge... READ MORE

I've been suffering for a year with bags under my eyes caused by improper juvederm injections. The original doctor said I just needed to wait for the juvederm to go away. But I found Dr Weber in Denver thanks to this website and he did a fantastic job using hyaluronidase to get rid of the... READ MORE

I received Voluma in both cheeks in May by a very reputable doctor and was very pleased with the result. In July, I tried the Tria at-home laser for wrinkles. I followed the directions that came with the laser exactly. I used the laser for 5 days. On the sixth day, I noticed there was a very... READ MORE

Horrible outcome under lips. have had two Hyaluronidase injections as a follow-up and it left my under lip area extremely lumpy. 14 months later I still have the lumpiness and the doctor, a board certified dermatologist, said "oh well, some patients it can take up to 3 years for the granular... READ MORE

I recently HAD to get a little Vitrase injected under eyes as it was causing a lot of edema in that area. Dr. was conservative however I still have negative side effects which I believe was a result of the dissolving agent. I was experiencing a lot of edema after which I was already used to from... READ MORE

After a sleepless week of depression searchin on the net for Hyaluronidase experiences i made a appointment again with my injector to check out my horrible -i havent slept in ages- eyebags after Teosyal Redensity migrated upon the wrong place. Not exactly the look i was going for! But when the... READ MORE

I had restalane under my eyes. I had it done previously just in the tear trough and loved it. This time I had a little more injected under the eye which in retrospect I probably did not need. My skin I found was extremely delicate. I swelled and bruised which is common with me and after weeks... READ MORE

I have very flat nose, specially between my eyebrows, make my whole face look so flat. My friend and I had Hyaluronidase filler on our noses, the result was immediate and amazing, our noses didn't even swollen up after the injection, but we could clearly see the massive difference, very happy... READ MORE

I have to say Im glad I found Dr. Novick. I had previously had the procedure done by another surgeon which charged me 300.00 for procedure and 200.00 for consultation which i think was a little expensive and I didnt go back. Dr. Novick only charged 250.00 and no consultation fees. He was so... READ MORE

Dr. Rueckl is a great, accommodating doctor. I traveled to Vegas and had him check the drooping side of my lip which was previously injected with volbella by a different doctor. Before this, I had consultation through email and he answers each one of them. I just had 1 shot of hyaluronidase... READ MORE

I had hyaluronidase injected to dissolve juvederm that was not good for my under eye area and causing puffiness and discolouration, without properly filling the tear troughs. Effects of the hyaluronidase were quite drastic. dissolved away a lot of my own HA i believe and left terrible grooves.... READ MORE

This is the best dr for hyaluronidase. i had these two pesky dark circles due to restylane. she quickly fixed . it only took two appointments. no bruising, no downtime, no discoloration (and my skin is thin). i searched everywhere for someone who could do it, but it was frustrating and the drs i... READ MORE

I had restylane in my tear troughs about 9 months ago (by a different Dr, NOT Dr Jane Olver) and while one eye was perfect the other eye was over filled. I understand that this can happen to the best of Dr's so I am not here to run down any Dr as that is not my style.... none the less I decided... READ MORE

I always wanted bigger lips, not that trout pout mouth that you can see around every corner and say : "Yeah. She had it done TOO." I wanted something subtle, delicate, just a little more feminine for my small visage. I wanted something unique. So I went. I told my doctor I wanted half a syringe.... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase experience worth relating, so please click here to see my posting in the Juvederm section under "Too Many Risks" I have lots of photos in that post and way more details. In short, I had a terrible experience with Juvederm Ultra Plus XC being injected into my naso-labial... READ MORE

I'm writing this review for everyone in the boat I was in: scary looking filler, but too terrified to have hyaluronidase. I put up with two large, obvious, asymmetrical ridge-like bumps that created a blue tint under the skin under my eyes for OVER THREE YEARS. (Seriously -- the shape of my eye... READ MORE

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