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Fillers Nightmare

Please help me! I've done fillers in mouth folds two months ago... It turned out awful.. It was done by woman who told me she was a doctor.. I trusted her.. She put 0,3 cc on one side, and 0,3 in other side... She suggested me to make my lips more beautiful. What a mistake was that! My lips... READ MORE

27 year old Hyaluronidase ruined my face

I had fillers in march this year , however the dr is inexperienced and it looked really ugly , my upper cheeks areas, i had 2 cc of fillers , one in each cheek,,, so i decided to dissolve the filler , the dr used too much of hyaluronidase 350 units, which caused me to loose the fat in the upper... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase Correction in Tear Troughs

I had juvederm ultra plus injected in tear troughs years ago. Recently I had noticed ridges (not sure what to call them) under both eyes that looked worse when smiling. Two RN's had told me that the ridges were juvederm but they did not feel comfortable injecting hyaluronidase and advised that... READ MORE

So grateful for Dr. Mabrie fixing awful work of another injector

I saw Dr. Mabrie after having a bad experience with Voluma in the cheeks and Volbello in the year troughs with another injector about four months ago. My original results from another injector gave me Malificent cheeks, squared my heart shaped face and aged me. I saw my original injector six... READ MORE

Restylane Under Eyes with Reverse Hyaluronidase . WHY Doesn't Hyaluronidase Work for Me??? HELP - Rancho Cucamonga, CA

So 3 weeks ago I went to get restylane filters under my eyes for dark circles and little wrinkles. I immediately had horrible results. I had horrible swelling, and a lump under my left eye. My doctor told me to come in a week later. He gave me hyaluronidase which helped a little. He performed... READ MORE

Dissolved Under Eye Bag from Old Juvederm - New York, NY

Dissolved under eye bag from old juvederm from 7 years ago. Somehow it started to get puffy a year ago and caused me to have an under eye bag. One doctor suggested to fill my cheeks to stretch it out and it didn't work. My new doctor suggested to dissolve just a tiny bit the old juvederm and it... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase Nightmare

I had filler under eye that wasn't placed properly from the beggining. It created bumps, so the doctor covered it with more filler. You could see where it was placed, plus it was darker, probably tindal effect. Went yesterday for a check up and he just cleared the area and sad he was going to... READ MORE

Tear Trough HA Removal - New York, NY

I had a tear trough done with HA filler in Europe. The filler was way over done and aside of making me look older, it caused swelling and bruising in the area, even 6 weeks after the procedure. I couldn’t wait anymore for the filler to dissolve naturally so I decided to do hylauronidase i... READ MORE

Terrible Under Eye Filler Dissolved & Fixed :D - Beverly Hills, CA

I had Restylane injected directly under my lash line in April- way too much was used & it was placed really badly. I was hesitant to try to have it dissolved due to the low satisfaction rate for dissolving filler, but read some positive reviews about Dr Aharanov & decided to go ahead... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase Injections! - Los Angeles, CA

I had filler injected in the cheek area to reduce nasal fold / smile lines. I was over filled so I asked to get the filler dissolved. The dr dissolved it with hyaluronidase 3 times. After each time I felt that I became puffier and more noticeable. I now have puffiness on both sides. According to... READ MORE

Undissolved Filler - Leeds, GB

I got a small redness after juvederm injections after three times injection. The first two times is good but in the third time the redness occurred. I think it might be caused because too much filler inject into the same sensitive area. Then I injected hyalase for three times. the first time is... READ MORE

Juvederm Volbella for Tear Trough

On Jan 25 2016, I went to a very reputable Clinic to get my Tear Troughs filled. She used Juvederm Volbella using Micro Cannula. She proceeded with my right eye and IMMEDIATELY my eye started to swell! She took a step back and said she has never Sen anything like this happen. It just swelled up,... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase DOES Dissolve Your Own Collagen - Tucson, AZ

Had restylane in my lips. Noticed a small lump above on the left top lip, very small area. Nurse offered to dissolve it, so I said okay. Within hour I could tell it looked worse, there was a dent in my left top lip that ad not been there before. Returned twice to add more filler to try to... READ MORE

Much Improved Two Days After Hyaluronidase Under my Eyes. San Diego, CA

This treatment worked well for me after I developed edema post belotero. I read enough reviews beforehand to know that we are all different, but I still wanted to share something positive to reassure people who must be feeling as I was a couple of days ago. I did have a small bruise that is... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase Saved my Sanity - in the Right Hands! - Washington DC, DC

I had a Restylane touch up to help with undereye bags. I'd had it done previously, with a good outcome, but this time the results were awful. I had bags from excess filler under my eyes and it was a cause of a lot of personal stress from thinking I had ruined my looks, not to mention awkward... READ MORE

42 Years Old, Perlane to Tear Troughs (Horrible), Fixed with Hyaluronidase - Scottsdale, AZ

My very qualified doctor injected perlane into my tear troughs to help with hollowness. I swelled horribly and once the swelling went down I looked completely over filled with large dark marks under the eyes. The doctor and his staff kept telling me it looked great and to give it more time.... READ MORE

35 Year Old Mother of 2. Went in for Botox and Restylane Injections. Came out with a "Duck Lip." Went Back for Hyuronidase.

I was going in for botox on my forehead and between my eyebrows. And restylane under my eyes and I was considering a bit of a lip filler. The Dr talked me into juvederm instead of restylane. Since then, I have read that u should never put juvederm under the eye. That's what I get for not doing... READ MORE

Fillers in Cheeks Had a Bad Effect - India, IN

I had juvederm xc in my teartrough. However the doctor placed the filler too close to the skin and now my veins hv started to show and the whole area looks bluish black.i repeatedly went to the doctor for correction but nothing worked. She didnt even tell me that what iam experiencing is a... READ MORE

Great Dermatology Office - San Diego, CA

I was looking for a reputable dermatology office in the area since I'm new to San Diego and came across Dr. Butterwicks office online. After doing a little research and reading yelp reviews I decided to schedule an appointment with Dr. Butterwick, she is an expert in her field. I was able to get... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase To The Rescue! - Middleton, WI

I went to a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon back in Sept of 2011 to have surgery in the under-eye area to remove some saggyness and slight bags that had begun to worsen, This "doctor", without my knowledge or consent, put filler in my under eye area in addition to tightening the corners of my... READ MORE

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