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Hand rejuvenation reduces the wrinkling, prominent veins, and age spots to help your hands have a more youthful appearance. A variety of treatment options are available, but some of the most popular are fat transfer, Fraxel lasers, and Radiesse or other fillers.

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The Best Ayurvedic Treatment In Kerala,

Kerala Vaidyashala is a Ayurveda service industry situated in the heart Kochi, Kerala is one of the best ayurvedic resort you can choose for different types of Ayurvedic treatments. I've been to this resort and the one thing that attracted me most the atmosphere and the positive energy we get... READ MORE

Hand Rejuvenation with Radiesse - Beverly Hills, CA

I have avoided looking at my hands for years. When I thought about aging, it was all about my face. After several procedures (Voluma to the temples, Radiesse to the cheeks, Perlane to the chin, Restylane Silk to the lips, and some Botox and Dysport for fine lines and wrinkles), I felt good... READ MORE

I Had Radiesse Hand Rejuv a Few Hours Ago - Love It!

I finally had my hand rejuvination done.I had one syringe of Radiesse injected/ spilt between both hands total. Pain during injection was almost non existent. I only felt the needle prick. So far I love the results. My hands had obvious veins that were embarrassing and I would hide my... READ MORE

Carpal Tunnel & Trigger Finger Releases

I would like to join others in sharing the many positive medical experiences I have had under Dr. Vincent's care. I can attest to his expertise in curing two carpal tunnel issues and a trigger finger that required light surgery, minimal recovery time and such miniscule stitches that the scars... READ MORE

forever grateful - Houston, TX

I had completely severed my tendon on my left hand and they told me at the emergency room that I may never be able to use my thumb again. Dr. Rose was extremely kind and talented and did an extensor tendon repair surgery and now after it has healed I have regained full use of my left hand. He... READ MORE

Hand Rejuvenation - New York City, NY

Heather Rypien from Dr. Pearlman's office used juvederm filler with a cannula on my hands and the results are incredible! My hands easily look 10 years younger! It was so quick and painless. Heather really cares and is extremely talented!!! She is an expert injector at hand rejuvenation and an... READ MORE

Dr. Daines Did my Hands - Newport Beach, CA

Dr. Daines did my hands, and I truly feel it made a huge difference in my appearance. It made my hands plump instead of bony with lots of veins. I now notice what a younger person's hands look like and it has made me feel so confident. I would recommend Dr. Daines for hand rejuvenation. He also... READ MORE

Hand Rejuvenation - Brampton, ON

I have been a long time patient of Brampton Cosmetic Surgery Centre and Claudia has always done an outstanding job of my botox and fillers over the years. I was looking at my hands thinking they look 'old'. I'm 51 and no amount of moisturizer was making a difference so Claudia suggested... READ MORE

56 Yrs Old Needing Hand Rejuvenation - Creepy Wrinkling Skin, Veins Protruding Etc - Greenvale, NY

Since I'm so thin skinned I feared it so.. How can they just inject thin skin without my bruising .. Well Dr. Sarnoff can & is one of the few Dr's doing this for years and the results are just wonderful.. She's humorous and upbeat and her assistant keeps U calm throughout.. So happy w this... READ MORE

Hand Rejuvenation with Amazing Results!!! - New York, NY


The Amazing Dr. Bray Made my Hands Look 10 Years Younger ! -Toronto, ON

What made me decide on hand rejuvenation are the following reasons. Even if your face and body looks younger than your real age, your hands often make you appear older. Dr. Bray did a wonderful and painless job in plumping up my hands with a product called Teosyal, an HA inject able filler. I... READ MORE

Radiesse Hand Rejuvenation Caused Pain and Prolonged Swelling - California, CA

I had Radiesse injected into the backs of my hands to make the veins there less prominent. One syringe per hand was used. The injections weren't painful but the subsequent swelling certainly was! My hands puffed up to twice their size, looking like mitts and the stiffness was terrible, every... READ MORE

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