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Nizoral after transplant. Could I have damaged the transplanted follicles?

Hi. I had a hair transplant a few weeks ago. I started using Nizoral 2% at 15 days after. (I thought I could use any shampoo after 14 days). However I... READ MORE

Cleaning the scabs post-op procedure?

I'm now 14 days post-OP,all the crusts/scabs are still out there,because I was scared not to rub or itch the recipient area (just washing daily with... READ MORE

Why am I shedding hair with black bulb or J shaped structure? (photos)

I have a transplant and on 15 th day when I shampoo my recipent area, my hair shed with black bulb or j shaped structure , I want ro know whether... READ MORE

After a Hair Transplant (2 Months) is It Okay to Use Clindamycin and Loprox Shampoo?

Will these topicals do damage to the grafts at two months. Been getting a few white heads and red cysts. would these help control those breakouts?... READ MORE

Five days after a hair transplant: did I screw everything up?

I received a hair transplant five days ago. Per my doctor's instructions today I began shampooing my hair and using finger pressure to gently massage... READ MORE

Whether my hair transplant is ruined? (Photo)

Hi i have my hair transplant done on 6th may. There was some regular bleeding which later dried. I used shampoo regularly and scabs were barely there... READ MORE

Post HT, soaked hair in saline, washed w/ shampoo after which I noticed some hair falling off after shampoo & red spots. (photo)

My head still feels itchy after 26 days of ht and noticed red spots as seen in photo. I have these questions lingering in my mind and it'd be great... READ MORE

Is it okay to shampoo daily after a hair transplant?

I m planning to ha hair transplant. wanted to know that is it ok to shampoo daily after transplant ( I have oily hairs). Will my scalp be more... READ MORE

Can I use Neutriderm Hair Enhancer Lotion and Neutriderm Hair Enhancer Shampoo after hair tranplant?

After 10 days of hair transplant my doctor told me that i can use any hair shampoo now. So i want to use Neutriderm Hair Enhancer Lotion and... READ MORE

Can I use Dove shampoo daily to clean the scalp 2 months after hair transplant?

Its now 2 months post hair transplant i am using Baby shampoo for washing my scalp. Can I use Dove shampoo daily to clean my scalp. As my hairs are... READ MORE

Female hairline lowering through hair transplant. FUT (strip) OR FUE? (photos)

Female/30 yrs considering having my hairline lowered hair as I have a high forehead (attached). I wanna have my hairline lowered by 1-1.5 cm. I am... READ MORE

What shampoo do you recommend? I'm shedding hair. (Photo)

Reason I've been on propecia for 15 yrs and rogaine for 26.. I've had multiple transplants in that time .when I started propecia my hair basically... READ MORE

I am 2-weeks post-opt and I do not have any dandruff. Can I use Nizoral shampoo for better result?

Hello Doctors, Using Nizoral shampoo after 2-weeks post-opt could damage the new hairs transplant? READ MORE

Is there any specific shampoo that is suggested after Hair Transplant for daily use?

Hello Is there any specific shampoo that is suggested after HT for daily use. I heard that sodium lauryl sulfate is not good in the shampoo is that true? READ MORE

Hair fall post 6 months of transplant.

Only 1500 grafts were implanted. Got a hairline. But very few hair on the crown. Oot of 1500, only 100 were implanted on the crown. And now I have... READ MORE

Are "goosebumps" abnormal 25 days after a hair transplant?

I had a hair transplant 25 days ago with an experienced, reputable doctor who my dermatologist recommended. The recipient area has goosebumps (or a... READ MORE

Is it safe if I rub my hair hard after 1 year hair transplant?

I had my hair transplant 1 year a ago. Today i had hair cut and shampoo. The lady who shampoo my hair she rubs and massages my head so hard. Is it... READ MORE

Female hair baldness/thinning. Any doctor specialize in stem cell hair transplant?

I am a 25yr old female. I have PCOS and suffer from androgenic alopecia. I am on birth control and a topical shampoo. I was put on... READ MORE

Jan 16; 2500 follicles added. I am 27/M there is no growth & high hair loss, will the operation be success? (Photo)

I am taking medicine and shampoo as prescribed, in medicine there is one multivitamin tab n minioxidril lotion. Is there anything else I can do to... READ MORE

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