Bumps + Hair Transplant

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What Kind of Laser to Use on Cobblestoned Skin from Hair Transplant?

I had a hair transplant recently (about 4 months ago) that left me with little bumps that look like goose bumps. in addition the recipient area skin... READ MORE

I have a fatty bumps or lumps in my head. Is this lumpy looking area where the hair was transplanted normal? (photo)

I got a FUE hair transplant about 20 days ago and I am past the scab phase and most of the hairs have fallen out due to change in hair state. My... READ MORE

Hair Transplant Scarring/bumpiness on Recipient Area?

I had a hair translant done on my moustache/goatee region. Now at 4 months after I shave recipient area (goatee/moustache) I see some dots, like... READ MORE

What are these hard bumps along my incision line two months after having hairline advancement surgery? (photos)

Bumps following the incision line, they all sort of click if I touch them. Just today I've found a couple new ones, and others seem to be swollen. my... READ MORE

Hair Transplant recipient area bumps and ridging. How can I erase these bumps and the ridging effect? (photos)

Hi, I had a hair transplant 6 years ago consisting of hair placed at my frontal scalp. I noticed when I razor shave my hair I have a slight ridging... READ MORE

Red bumps 40 days after FUT procedure? (Photo)

Its been 40 days since my FUT, my concern is red bumps some with white head, do i need to worry? is my scalp healing as it should (see pic) ? thanks READ MORE

Could an infection at the beginning of the healing procedure kill grafts?

I'm not an English-speaking person, but I'll try to state my problem, hoping for response. After having hair transplantation, on the very next day in... READ MORE

Pimple like bumps on the grafted hairs after beard transplant. What are they?

Hello, I have a beard transplant surgery 11 days ago. The procedure i went under was FUT. The hairs were taken from back of my head and were implanted... READ MORE

Red bumps over the donor area 14 days after hair transplant. Any suggestions? (Photo)

I has been 15days since my ht of 4000 grafts. My donor area started showing some red pimples all over the donor area. My doctor suggested that it is... READ MORE

Hair transplant. What are these bumps?

Hello, I have a beard transplant surgery 11 days ago. The procedure i went under was FUT. The hairs were taken from back of my head and were implanted... READ MORE

Little white speaks or bumps on my recipient area. Any suggestions? (photos)

Looking in the mirror at my hair transplant area I noticed very small white bums or speaks all around the area I took a picture but Idk if it's very... READ MORE

Follow-up. What do I need to do to get rid of the bumps? (Photo)

My surgeon said it will heal and will fix itself and asked me to wait for another 3 months. That's 10 months total from operation. Will it get fixed?... READ MORE

How can bumps be removed after transplant?

Dear doctors i have beared transplant 6 months before now when i shaved my beared area there are small bumps from where the transplanted hair grow.... READ MORE

How soon second hair transplant.

My transplant has been a failure so far. No growth at 7 months. Assuming I have no further growth, is it worth it to try another doctor, or do some... READ MORE

Bumps after beard transplant; any further treatment that can recover my skin?

I have beared transplant 5 months before. Now at 5 months after I shave recipient area I see some bumps,along all the area. I want to know how these... READ MORE

Hair Transplant: 2 months post-op, why don't I have any hair yet? (Photos)

I have done a Hair Transplant 2 month back in Istanbul which was 3500 grafts and after that I have got many issues in my scalp. After 10-12 days of... READ MORE

Is this how 1300 grafts are supposed to look on the 3rd day?

I recently had a transplant of 1300 grafts and I want to know if they are supposed to look like this on the 3rd day. Is there supposed to be that much... READ MORE

Small bumps on skin after transplant

Dear doctors i have beared transplant 8 months before. There are small bumps on my skin from where the transplanted hair grow also skin colour black.... READ MORE

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