8 Months Post-op + Hair Transplant

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How long will it be before the hairs start growing thicker? I'm 8 months post op

Hello I had a hair transplant 8 months ago around 2300 grafts on the crown area and also mid scalp Hairs are growing but I was just wondering how long... READ MORE

PRP after hair transplant? (Photo)

I am 20. I got strip ht 8 months ago. Now my native hairs are thinning at the back of my scalp plus results arent good. Should I get prp? Is there any... READ MORE

Worried About Hair Transplant Results?

Hello, I've had a hair transplant early this year (January 2012) for 1700 grafts on my crown area (the method used was FUT). Before the procedure, I... READ MORE

Eight months after FUT, still only some hair has grown back...

Hello doctor... I had an HT 8 months back.. I'm 23 now, I have very good density at the back... But I could see only 40% of transplanted hair grown... READ MORE

Skin discoloration following Facial Hair Transplant normal?

I had facial hair transplant surgery in an attempt to grow a mustache/ goatee. Now, 8 months post surgery my skin is still discolored in that region... READ MORE

How long after a hair transplant can you begin trading isoretonin (accutane)?

I have had adult acne for many years. I have taken accutane several times in the past with no negative results. I had a hair transplant 8 months ago.... READ MORE

Hair transplant: I'm post op 8 months, I got a decent growth...

I'm post op 8months,,,,I got a decent growth,,,,but at some part I didn't get much growth,,,its on the left temple,,I'm using minoxidil n... READ MORE

I had hair transplant of 3500 hair follicles on 17 Dec 2014. I see the some hair fall at 8 months and the strength is less.

I had hair transplant of 3500 hair follicles on 17Dec 2014. In the early stage or 3-6 months. I have seen the growth of my hair and I see the some... READ MORE

Hair fall 8 months after transplant. Is it normal or do I need to worry? (Photo)

27 Male : I did an HT in July 2015 of around 1300 grafts for the front of my head. After 6 months, Hairs have started growing and it was ok. suddenly... READ MORE

The importance of letting hair grow after HT?

How important is it to let the hair grow after a HT? I had my HT 8 months ago and I'm still unsatisfied with the result. I don't wanna hide my scalp... READ MORE

I had hair transplant of 1400 grafts about in the month of September.Growth after hair transplant

This is the 8th month and my transplanted hair and normal hair is becoming thinner day by day.I cannot see 10% growth also in my crown area , it just... READ MORE

Does wearing hats makes you bold or affect your hair growth?

Hi, i had a hair transplant surgery 8 months ago, and i need to know if wearing hats is going to affect my hair growth or make me bold in other areas... READ MORE

Sunburn on transplanted hair. Will it grow back?

I recently went on holiday and blistered all my head ..I'm. 8months post op.. the implants seemed to have thinned off a lot to how they was.. will it... READ MORE

How much time does it take to get full results after a hair transplant surgery?

Hey, it's been 8 months since my surgery, and the hair grew a little bit but it's still looks like I'm bald, because it's still thin.. so how much... READ MORE

Swelling near hairline after 8 months of hair transplant. Surgeon not convinced that it is swelling. Need help.

I got a hairtransplant in december 2014 (2500 grafts with FUE). Recently, I consulted my doctor regarding my swelling(which i feel actually it is)... READ MORE

Small bumps on skin after transplant

Dear doctors i have beared transplant 8 months before. There are small bumps on my skin from where the transplanted hair grow also skin colour black.... READ MORE

I had a hair transplant 8 months ago, and the grafts are pitted. Can they be fixed?

I had a hair transplant about 8 months ago, and the grafts are pitted. As a result, each hair has the appearance of growing out of a small hole. I... READ MORE

I had a hair transplant 8 months ago. It is safe if my hair is combed roughly?

I had a hair transplant 8 months ago. I had a hair cut today at barbershop. The girl that cut my hair she is not gentle. She combed my hair so rough... READ MORE

8 months after beard transplant and still redness, pimples, and a raised layer of skin? (Photos)

8 months from beard transplant in a developing country. Has been healing but now healing has slowed and still a lot of redness-most of the recipient... READ MORE

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