5 Months Post-op + Hair Transplant

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5 months post op, How Long Do Hair Transplant Results Last? (photo)

Hi i had hair transplant 5 month ago.i am 17 year old. my hair not lost. i'm tie a turban that's why my side hair are gone. that's why i had... READ MORE

No growth of hair at all. 5 months post FUT hair transplant! Very little shedding of transplanted grafts. Is it normal? (Photo)

I had an FUT transplant of 3747 grafts (about 7500 hair) on 19 Jan 2015. I was late in removing the scabs and removed them only after a month as I... READ MORE

Any Suggestions For Diet To Help Hair Transplant Results?

Hi i had hair transplant 5 month ago.i am 17 year old. my hair not lost. i'm tie a turban that's why my side hair are gone. that's why i... READ MORE

5 months post op FUE Hair Transplant, can I use caboki hair concealer?

I have done FUE and completed almost 5 months, I can feel the new growth, but just wanted to know,how long it takes for complete growth, yesterday i... READ MORE

5 months post op, my hair is not growing. Any suggestions?

I'm post 5months,one Side hair is growing,,the other side some hairs were not growing in length,,,now I noticed dat that hair just fell off,,I can see... READ MORE

My hair transplant results just after 5 month and 7 days post OP. Any suggestions? (photos)

Dear Sirs, thanks to all for providing such a valuable comments and advices to us, we feel very happy to get answered within a click away. I have a... READ MORE

Severe dandruff on my trasplanted hair. Will it affect my transplanted hair?

I had undergone hair transplant 5 months ago. And my hair is growing good. But now I am having severe dandruff in my transplanted area. My skin doctor... READ MORE

Transplanted hair not falling off after 5 months! Is this something to be worried about?

HI, I got a transplant 5 months ago about 6600 follicles. I have noticed that transplanted hair are not falling off, though some have begun to grow,... READ MORE

Is it normal to lose hair 5 months after hair transplant?

It's been 5 months since my hair transplant surgery, and i have noticed some growth around 40% which is not bad, but sometimes i notice that the small... READ MORE

Hairs shedding 5 months after hair transplant. Any suggestions?

I got my 4000 graft hair transplant done in June 2015. Lost around 50-60% of transplanted hairs after 2 months and then shedding stopped. Now I am... READ MORE

Can I use rogaine after 5 months of my transplant hair?

Actually i had hair transplant 5 months ago ,so i have result but its not more and the other problem i have more hair loss because hair transplant i... READ MORE

Will all hairs from a graft start growing at same time and grow at same pace?

I got a hairtransplant of 2500 grafts on 22 December, 2014. After 4 months now, I can see the growth from my grafts. My query is from a single graft... READ MORE

Donor area after 5 months - worried. (photos)

Hey was wondering if someone can help me out I had a fue transplant 5 months ago all the transplanted area is growing well but my donor area is... READ MORE

I'm losing my hair due to lack of post op care. What can I do? (Photo)

5 months ago i was having healthy hairs after a month when i had my examination i was losing my many of hair cause of not proper caring and i was not... READ MORE

Popped hair transplant pimple 5 months post op

Did i damage any hair grafts /follicles by squeezing a pimple? It was white on top and I squeezed it pretty hard; some blood and pus came out, but not... READ MORE

4 months n 20 days post op Hair transplant but still loosing 10 to 9 hairs approximately daily. Any suggestions? (photo)

I m still loosing some 10 to 9 hairs even after 4 months n 20 days of hair transplant.i followed everything religiously.takin my tabslets ... oiling... READ MORE

Hair transplant popped pimple. Damage?

I am 5 months post op and i had a pimple on my recipient area. I squeezed it very hard to pop it and some blood and pus came out. Im wondering if that... READ MORE

Could short hairs that didn't fall out after procedure be blocking new hair growth? Should these hairs be taken out?

I had a hair transplant procedure done about 5 months ago and I still have a lot of short blunt hairs throughout the recipient area. After the... READ MORE

Bumps after beard transplant; any further treatment that can recover my skin?

I have beared transplant 5 months before. Now at 5 months after I shave recipient area I see some bumps,along all the area. I want to know how these... READ MORE

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