Brazilian Butt Lift Slang: A RealSelf Urban Glossary

BBL glossary

Don't know the difference between bish and poppin'? Do you think donk is a word that describes a sound? Are you wondering if the fluffin' gods are part of ancient Greek mythology? 

It's OK if you're confused—we're here to help. Here's an easy vocabulary lesson so you can navigate your BBL with ease.

Barbie (/ˈbärbē/; noun)

The curvy shape of a Barbie doll.

People tell me I look like a Barbie. I went in for a BBL and that's exactly the curvy look I wanted.

BBL (/bē-bē-l/; noun)

Short for Brazilian butt lift, not to be confused with the common acronym for “be back later.”

I had a BBL last May.

(/bē-bē-l-ər/; noun) 
A person who is considering or has had BBL surgery.

My mom is coming with me to help out so I can’t share a room, but it would be great to have another BBLer close by for support.

Bish (/biSH/; noun/adjective)
Slang for bitch. Often used to refer to a friend in an affection way, like “gurrrl.”

I took a sponge bath yesterday and putting the garment back in after HURT LIKE A BISH!
Some of y'all prob bn thinkin’ where dis bish at?

Blue pill (/blo͞o-pil/; noun)
Slang for the anti-anxiety pill(s) midazolam and/or anxiolytic, according to Dr. Manuel Diaz. Sometimes a surgeon will give this to a patient before surgery.

She marked my body and gave me a blue pill to relax me.

Board/Foam (/bôrd-fōm/; noun)

What you put under your compression garment in order to give your buttocks a particular shape.

I'm so excited because at this point, I no longer have to wear my garment, board, or foam.

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Bottom cheekage (/ˈbätəm-cHēkij/; noun)

When your butt cheeks protrude out of shorts or boyshort undies.

I have bottom cheekage, but I still need a lot more volume and projection.

Bubble butt (/ˈbəbəl-bət/; noun)

A perfectly round butt that looks like a bubble—but it’s not a huge booty (see shelf butt).

Not looking for a huge butt, but a cute bubble butt and a waist.

Bubble Butt

CC (/sē-sē/; noun)
An abbreviation for cubic centimeters. CC is how the plastic surgeon measures the amount of fat that is taken out of the body and injected into the butt. One CC is equal to one millilitre (ml) or one gram.

Getting my BBL in the beginning of August. Not sure how many CCs I should get.

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Coke bottle (kōkˈbätl; adjective)

Slang for describing a woman’s body that looks like a Coca-Cola bottle. This means she has a straight and narrow torso, but wide and curvy hips.

I'm looking for that Coke bottle shape!

Coke Bottle

Compression garment (/kəmˈpreSHən-ˈgärmənt/; noun)

After a Brazilian butt lift procedure, a plastic surgeon may require the patient to wear a compression garment

for anywhere from a couple weeks to three months. It may decrease the amount of bruising, help the loose skin retract after liposuction, and help decrease swelling. The garment looks like a medical version of Spanx.

I would say the hardest part for me was not being able to sit... and the compression garment is not fun.

Donk (/dôNGk/; noun)
Derived from the word donkey—the wild ancestor of the donkey is the African wild ass.

I don’t want a HUGE booty just a medium DONK.

DR (/dē-är/; noun)
An acronym for the Dominican Republic, where many BBLers travel for the procedure.

Maybe you should consider staying 3-4 weeks in the DR to recover?

Drains (/drānz/; noun)
Some surgeons will insert a drain into one or more incision areas and require you to wear drains for up to 10 days after the surgery to drain the incision areas from liposuction. This keeps blood and liquid coming from the incisions from staining clothes and bed sheets.

The drains are a pain in the ass. I had four drains and the ones that didn't drain into anything leaked a lot which was gross, so it's important to shower after the first couple of days when your doctor says it's OK.

Epifoam (/epi-fōm/; noun)

A silicone-based foam that you put inside your compression garment to ease discomfort in sensitive areas, for example, the area right above your butt crack.

I bought extra epifoam and wanted to know how to use it. Do you put it right over your skin and then put a camisole over it, then the garment?

Faja/Fajate (/fa-ha/; noun)

A compression garment that BBLers use after surgery. It’s different from a regular compression garment because it includes a waist clincher. Fajas come in different styles: a simple waist clincher, a body suit including a waist clincher and half leg/shorts, or a body suit including a waist cincher and ¾-full length legs. The two latter styles sometimes have a cutout for the buttock areas.

I'm wearing a faja, compression stockings, and a big ass diaper.

Fat transfer (/fat-transˈfər/; verb)
A procedure in which fat is removed from your body through ordinary liposuction, laser liposuction, or ultrasonic liposuction and injected into a different area of the body.

I am 115 and 5'3’’ and had fat transfer to my buttocks and lipo from my hips.

Fluffing/a visit from the fluffin’ god/fairy (verb)

An expression to describe when a post-op BBLer begins to see her results. This means the butt is soft and has expanded. This happens when the "magical fluffing god" pays a visit.

I pray this fluffing fairy takes pity on my sorry soul and gives me a visit.

Gonna hook u up (verb)

When someone—usually a doctor or fellow BBLer—is going to take care of you, help you, or make you look good. 

Good luck with your surgery. Dr. Perry is gonna hook u up!

Heart-shaped Butt (/härt-SHāpd-bət/; noun)

One of the most desired butt shapes, a heart-shaped butt looks like an upside down heart with a small waist and big hips.

I want to have a perfect, round, full heart-shape butt and a small waist.

Heart Shape
Hourglass (/ou(ə)r-glas/; adjective)
Describes a popular body shape in the BBL community. It’s when you have a large chest, small waist, wide hips, and a big butt.

I hope that a Brazilian butt lift can give me the hourglass shape I desire.


((((hugs)))) or **hugs** (/həgz/; verb)

What many BBLers write to each other to express love and support during hard times. It means “big hugs” and its meaning is amplified by being surrounded with asterisks and/or parentheses.

Ladies, please send a prayer up for me. **hugs**

Juicing (/jo͞osing/; verb)

Refers to consuming various liquid meals before your surgery in order to gain weight. Some plastic surgeons encourage weight gain if you don’t have enough fat to extract for the transfer to your new butt.

I am juicing right now, so I am gaining weight daily.

Labs (/labz/; noun)

The pre-operative blood work you get done before a BBL. Either your surgeon will administer these tests or you'll be asked to have them carried out by a doctor of your choice before surgery. Sometimes it’s better to have them done at your own discretion or, in the case of traveling for surgery, the doctor needs them before you arrive for your procedure. Labs help determine if you’re healthy, you’re anemic, or your blood clots easily.

l just had my labs done this morning and hopefully they will be back by Friday so I can mail my results.

Lymphatic massages (/limˈfatik/-/məˈsäZH-ez/; noun)

A massage performed by a licensed therapist to help reduce liquid swelling after liposuction. Some surgeons will include a couple sessions as part of the cost of the surgery. Check if your surgeon does and, if not, set up an appointment with an independent licensed therapist.

I got my first lymphatic massage today with someone who also does acupuncture.

Pillows (/pilōz/): Boppy (/bäpē/), Body (/ˈbädē/), Neck (/nek/), Roll (/rōl/) (nouns)

These pillows are essential for comfort after your surgery because you won’t be able to sit for at least a week. As one BBLer tells us, “It helps keep pressure off the booty while sitting down.”

Is a rolled up yoga mat better than a boppy pillow to use?

Poppin’ (/päp-in/; adjective)

“Hot” or “awesome.” Ladies of the BBL community also refer to their new butts as “booty poppin’.”

Happy booty poppin' ladies. 

Post-op (/pōst-äp/; noun)

Slang for “post-operation.” A term used to describe the part of the BBL journey after surgery.

Any BBL'ers post-op six months, one year or more? Has your butt remained the same?

Pre-op (/prē-äp/; noun)

Slang for “pre-operation.” A term used to describe the first half of the BBL journey leading up to the surgery.

I'm going to try to post some pre-op/pre-weight loss pics.

Projection (/
prəˈjekSHən/; noun)
Describes how far the butt sticks out.

Projection? Not too much, because I want the curves that look like God made them.

Recovery house (Also referred to as "RH") (/riˈkəvərē-hous/; noun)

A facility where BBLers go after the procedure to recover in privacy for a few days. Typically these facilities, which are staffed with nurses and trained caretakers who offer 24 hour care, are for people who have traveled to a different state or country for their surgery.

So I've changed my surgery date because it doesn't seem like I will find a recovery house in time.

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RX (R-X/; noun)
An abbreviation for “prescription.”
Is there anyone who paid for their RX when they got to Florida without insurance?

Shelf butt (/SHelf-bət/; noun)

A butt that is so big it can simulate a shelf or table. A shelf butt isn’t a fat booty; it’s when a woman has a flat stomach, small waist, but a very big behind. Think Kim Kardashian.

I’m not looking for a shelf butt, just round!

Shelf Butt

Staged garments (/stājd-ˈgärməntz/; noun)
From the first day of surgery through to the last day of recovery, you will need a garment and those garments come in stages. Your doctor should be able to tell you what stage you need at any particular time.

I’m wondering what kind of stage 2 garment is best to use after BBL?

SX (/S-X/; noun)

An abbreviation for “surgery."

Hey ladies, so I just scheduled my SX for Sept. 11th.

Teams/Dolls/Barbies (nouns)

RealSelf members will sometimes form a network comprised solely of their doctors’ patients. You may see Team/Doll/Barbie attached to any doctors name to describe this group.

The next morning I was up and ready about 6am me and another Duran doll rode to CIPLA together.

TJ (/tē-/jā/; noun)

An acronym for another popular BBL destination: Tijuana, Mexico.

There’s exactly one week left for me to travel to TJ and get my hourglass body.

Travel buddy (ˈtravəl-ˈbədē/; noun)/ Surgery sister (/ˈsərjərē-ˈsistər/; noun)

When traveling abroad, BBLers tend to be wary of going solo so they search for a travel mate. This person is known as a travel buddy or surgery sister.

Looking for travel buddy going to see Dr. Yily.

Vedette (/viˈdet/; noun)

A type of compression garment that is very popular with the BBL sisterhood.

I ordered the vedette 128. It should be here tomorrow. Do I wear it over the compression garment?

Wish pic (/wiSH-pik/; noun)

Finding the perfect wish pic is a milestone in itself during the BBL journey. The wish pic is a photograph of someone who has your dream booty. In addition to inspiration, it’s also a great way of letting your doctor know what you’re looking for. While we can’t always look like JLo or Beyonce (even though we may want to) it’s great to have inspiration.

I showed him a realistic wish pic, but stated that I didn't want a big ol’ Kim K. ass or a big heart-shaped Brazil butt.

Wound vac (/wo͞ond-vak/; noun)

Slang for wound vacuum assisted closure, this vacuum decreases the length of time for your wound to heal and the need for dressing changes. A doctor will administer a wound vac if your incisions are having a difficult time healing.

Anyone use a wound vac for skin necrosis after tummy tuck?

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