The Most-Talked About Rhinoplasty Transformations: 10 Before & Afters [PHOTOS]

10 before-and-after photos of RealSelfers who got nose jobs.

Humps, bumps and lumps on a nose are rarely attractive, which is why these RealSelfers made the decision to get rhinoplasty. For inspiration, we decided to pull together some of the most popular transformations -- the ones you commented on the most, and cheered on the loudest. Here, we feature the before and afters and a little update from the RealSelfer on their own progress. 

Rayah7: 28-Year-Old Mom & Wife 

"I have been looking at my old photos and OH MY GOSH!!! I am SOOOOOOO happy I did this! I can't believe that was my old nose! haha How did I go that long with that thing on my face?!?"

LMJ123: California Girl

"I am still very happy with my nose..More so than before. The left side is still very swollen, and it is more so than other days. My nose has been hit a few times, not super hard but enough to hurt! AH! It really is like a target. I feel like I look different in photos still...but I know it's the swelling! I'm doing a photo shoot this weekend and I am a little nervous because it does look more swollen in photos."

NewNose4Me: Australian Wife & Mom

"I can't wait to see what my nose looks like at 12 months because I am very happy at this stage, and the novelty hasn't worn off.....many times a day I feel my new small straight nose shape and feel so amazed and happy. I hope to update next at 9 months and finally at 12."

Hollys2424: 22-Year-Old About To Enter 'The Real World'

"I have absolutely no regrets about getting this done. I love it so much. My confidence is through the roof and I am so so so happy that I did it before I started my job. It had done wonders with my self image."

Gift2Myself: 53-Year-Old In California 

"One thing I REALLY notice is that I smile more easily now. I really used to not feel comfortable in many face-to-face conversations because of my big nose and giant nostrils. Now I feel happier and more confident overall. Next step: grow out my hair!"

StephanieK21: LA Blonde 

"The good news is I still absolutely LOVE the way my new nose looks. I am really happy I went through with the surgery. I have also gotten a few more compliments on my nose, from people who know about the surgery and others who think it is au natural, haha. :) Honestly, I never thought I would hear someone say, 'Wow you have a great nose!' It never gets old."

Dolce930: New Yorker, Wanted Surgery Since She Was 12

"As I stated so clearly in my previous posts...I am SO happy with my results! What I love most about my new nose, is that I think it looks very natural." 

JessieMarie: 26-Year-Old Bride-To-Be

"I have to be honest in saying that I think the tip dropped a bit after a few weeks and I kind of liked it better when it was up a little higher. Not sure if it could be attributed to swelling but either way it looks much better than before."

Sarah_Tonin: 22-Year-Old In Vancouver

"I feel much more like myself today, and even though my nose is still pretty swollen, I love what I see in the pictures I took today! :)"

Star72: 40-Year-Old, Got It For Her Birthday

"I like my new nose ok. It is an enormous is not my dream nose hahahaha but I guess it suits me. Oh and I had a customer say "Wow you look great! You have really slimmed down!"( I haven't) I didn't believe my PS when he said people will think you lost weight."

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