1 Week Post-op + Fraxel Laser

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Worried About Broken Capillaries After Fraxel?

I am on day 6 after fraxel and on I still have a red area of what appears to be broken blood vessels at the top of my nose. I also have a patch of... READ MORE

Is a Fraxel laser treatment working even you haven't peeled or gotten brown spots ?

I got my Faxel laser done 5 days ago and the first two days my skin was tight and dry my doctor said after two days I can use my facial cream to... READ MORE

Fraxel 5 Days Post Op on my Arms, Still Have the Sandpaper Texture and Brown Dots?

Its my 5th day post fraxel on my arms but the sandpaper effect and the brown dots are stil not gone, my arms are still a little pink. i got fraxel... READ MORE

VBeam Immediately After Fraxel?

I have a hypertrophic scar on left arm from operation. I got Fraxel::repair from a doctor in another city a week ago. And today I visited my doctor in... READ MORE

When Will Positive Results Will Be Visible After First Fraxel for Acne Scars?

When positive results will be visible after first fraxel for acne scars. I have taken my first sitting on 4th August 2012. Please suggest which face... READ MORE

Dark Spots/hyperpigmentation After Fraxel Treament on my Forehead?

Hello, I had a fraxel treatment a week ago to treat pigmentation on my forehead. After the skin peeled off, I see darker skin right at the centre of... READ MORE

I Seem to Have More Lines Appearing 6 Days Post Fraser Laser. Is There Something I Can Do to Minimize These?

I have lines around my eyes and cheeks that are more visible now that the swelling is going down. READ MORE

How can I treat a small breakout after my fraxel restore treatment?

It has been a week since my first fraxel restore treatment and I have had a small breakout. I was wondering if it would be okay to do a sulfur mask to... READ MORE

What's going on with my skin?

I had fraxel 1927 done 9 days ago and since then my face has darkened and is very rough. My pores appear larger and my skin tone is very uneven. Will... READ MORE

1 weeks post op Laser fraxel, I have sand paper brown spots. Is this normal?

I have a scar on my lower right abdomen and went in for fraxel treatment a week ago. I was reading previous comments left by doctors that said after 7... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for PIH to Occur, in General, if It Were to Happen, After Fraxel Treatment?

I am Asian with fair skin. I had my first fraxel done a week ago & I am now seeing a dime-sized tan spots on both of my cheeks. I've been applying... READ MORE

Tiny holes after fraxel dual, had it done last Friday and its Thursday? Are they normal?

I was mislead on products and told I could use an active product the next day! Will they heal up? my face is still read and peeling here and there READ MORE

How long does Fraxel Laser Restore bronzing and redness last?

I got my first fraxel restore treatment done just over a week ago. My skin has peeled and is smooth again, but a very deep brownish/red color. How... READ MORE

I have a minor breakout 1 Week after Fraxel. Is this normal?

It has been a week since receiving my fraxel laser treatment for acne scars. My skin is still pretty rough (which I'm hoping is still normal) but my... READ MORE

I noticed a pattern like texture after my Fraxel treatment. How long will this last? I hope not forever.

So its been nine days post fraxel and i am still noticing a pattern like texture from the laser especially on the skin on the sides of my eyes. How... READ MORE

6-day Prednisone course of 81 mg during laser Fraxel treatment series, is it a problem?

Third Fraxel done 9 days ago. leg condition could benefit from a short Prednisone course or NSAID. The schedule is 6 days: 24, 20, ..., 4 mg for a... READ MORE

What is "Normal" After Fraxel Treatments?

I had my first Fraxel restore treatment 9 days ago. The doctor made 6 passes. I am I didn't get blood spots, I didn't peel I only flaked for a... READ MORE

Am I Going to Have Brown Pigmientation from Burning off Fraxel Restore? (photo)

5 days ago i had fraxel restore ( my 10th one in 6 years, im 27) im so scared because ive never seen it look so raw in my upper lip area and near my... READ MORE

9 Days Post Fraxel For Mild Acne and Left With Rash-like Skin?

It's Been 9 Days Since I Had my First Fraxel Treatment for Very Mild Acne Scarring I Had Both Cheeks and chin done. Initially I broke out with a huge... READ MORE

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