1 weeks post op Laser fraxel, I have sand paper brown spots. Is this normal?

I have a scar on my lower right abdomen and went in for fraxel treatment a week ago. I was reading previous comments left by doctors that said after 7 days the sandpaper brown spots should be gone. I still have mine as if it was just as rough as a third day. Just curious if being of Hispanic ethnicity and light tanned skin tone would reflect the healing process time wise?

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Fraxel on the body

Fraxel is a great laser for treating scars.  There are different settings of the laser and depending on the area and goal of the treatment you can have just redness or sandpaper like skin for days to weeks.  Fraxel on the body takes generally longer than the face.  I often prefer eMatrix for scars when you are of Hispanic ethnicity.  Please consult a board certified dermatologist with a great deal of experience in Fraxel and lasers for the best results.

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Healing post Fraxel Treatment

After a Fraxel treatment on the face “sandpaper brown spots” are usually gone, in 7 days. When you are treated on the body it usually takes about 2 weeks because there are less oil glands on this part of your body.

Treating Hispanic skin does pose a higher probability for hyperpigmentation so it is important to stay out of the sun pre and post procedure. It is also not recommended to have a laser treatment performed when your skin is tanned.

Please consult with a Board Certified Dermatologist before you next Fraxel procedure.

For more information on Fraxel click link below:

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Fraxel laser treatments

The sandpaper brown spots after Fraxel laser treatment on the body take longer to slough off than on the face. Treat your skin gently, keep moisturizing and avoid sun exposure.

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Fraxel treatments to body

When you treat the body with fractional devices the recovery is much longer than on the face. In general when any work is done on the body it takes longer to heal. So, yes, it's normal for the body to take twice as long, if not more, to heal than an area on the face.

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