When is it safe to workout after getting Fraxel procedure?

I got a fraxel laser done for my acne scarring on June 28th. So far my skin has healed up pretty well with all the dead skin peeled off. Its been 9 days but on my post op instructions it says to avoid strenuous exercise for "a week or so" so Im curious to when its okay for me to be working out again?

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Post Fraxel Treatment -- Physical Activity

You are best if you wait 1-2 weeks before exercising. Sweat can irritate the skin, and it is likely that your face will be very flushed during and after working out. It is best to follow up with your physician, as he or she is aware of how well you are healing. Best, Dr. Emer

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Working out after Fraxel

After the skin has peeled, it is fine to work out. When the skin is not done peeling, sweating underneath the peeling skin can get caught beneath it. Go ahead and work out.

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