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Put on 8 Pounds of Fluid After Lipo & Fat Transfer. Is This Normal?

Eight days ago, I had Lipo to inner things, tummy, and arms, PLUS fat transfer to hips. I went in to the procedure weighing a steady 127 pounds... READ MORE

Does Fat Facial Transfer Remain if You Lose or Gain Weight? 15 Days is Enough to Realize the Final Result? (photo)

I did fat facial transfers for my cheeks and lips ,my face was round and swelling ,iam now 15 days after surgery but look so nice and like my face.but... READ MORE

Is This a Good Plan To Prepare For Fat Transfer To Butt and Breasts In The Future? (photo)

Hi Drs My wife wants BBL & breast aug w/ fat from her FLANKS, INNER, and OUTER thighs. She is 5'4'' & 145 lbs & w/ thinner... READ MORE

How Many Cc's Will Be Needed in Order to Have Both Your Hips and Butt Injected (photo)?

I am 5'1 and weight 130lbs..I am looking to have fat injected into my butt and hip area. For the most part I am petite, but I carry most of my... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Face is Diminishing with Weight Loss, Will it Return if I Gain Weight Back?

I had fat transfer to correct an asymmetry in my jaw several years ago. It's been stable for the last couple of years. However, recently I've... READ MORE

How to Gain Face Fat?

My face is so long and i have cheek muscle in chin area.Its very ugly feeling to me please help to how to gain cheek fat so easily.daily i am spending... READ MORE

How can I gain fat on my face? I used Retin-A 0.025% for 3 months last year, and has left my skin very damaged.

Hi last year I used Retin-A 0.025% for 3 months, and has left my skin very damaged. It has caused a lot of my facial fat to disappear and my face now... READ MORE

How Much Swelling is Normal After Buttocks Fat Grafting?

I had buttocks fat grafting performed 10 days ago, with breast aug, large volume lipo to arms, abs, flanks, innner, outer thighes and knees. How much... READ MORE

If I Gain Weight After Transferred Fat to Forehead, Will the Fat on my Forehead Grow As Well?

I'm 25 and I want to transfer fat to my forehead. Is it the best to use the fat from the part of body where I've never done liposuction before? Some... READ MORE

Can a Patient Who Had Fat Injections Under the Eye, Gain Weight in That Area?

Can a patient who had fat injections under the eye, ends up gain weight in the under eye area? READ MORE

How Much Fat Would I Need To Put On Before Fat Transfer To Hips And Buttocks?

How much fat would I need to put on before fat transfer to hips and buttocks? I am 5 feet and weight 90 lbs. I want cca 4-6 cm more across my hips.... READ MORE

Is it possible to regain orbital fat after rapid weight loss or will I need surgery?

I am 45 years old and recently had a rapid weight loss due to stress and malnutrition which caused the orbital fat on my eyes to disappear. My eyes... READ MORE

Weight Gain for Fat Transfer For Breast Enhancement. How Do I Lose the Weight I Gain in My Face?

Hi I have a kind of a (complicated) question about fat transfer breast enhancement. I am gaining weight for the procedure (going from 106 to 115... READ MORE

Will a Fat Grafting to the Tear Trough be effected by Bulking Exercise

If I start exercising and bulking up (developing , gaining muscle) after fat grafting to the tear trough will the change of my bodyweight be visible... READ MORE

Is Lipo filling/fat transfer to the wrists possible for thicker forearms/wrists?

I'm a male with very skinny and bony wrists, I have worked hard on developing my forearm muscles but they are not connected to the lower part around... READ MORE

Fat injection to hips an buttock, to feminize male body. How much weight would I need to put on?

How much weight would I need to put on, to harvest enough fat to widen my frontal silhouette of the hips, as wide as my shoulders, and my profile... READ MORE

Is a Fat Transfer a Viable Option?

I am 20years old boy , I have very thin face , even my body fat is about 3% but my face seem cupped around my teeth , I want to know if I gain some... READ MORE

Will Micro Fat Grafting Last if my Weight Fluctuates from Fat to Thin?

My weight has always fluctuated between 140-170 pounds over the years (Up and down). If I get Microfat grafting and I lose the weight I assume the fat... READ MORE

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