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Fat Transfer in Temples for Lifting Upper Eyelids?

My main issues are tear trough hollowness, moderate upper eyelid hooding, moderate jowling, and lower cheek hollowness (I have very high cheekbones).... READ MORE

Possible to Have Smooth Fat Transfer to Temples with Thin Caucasian Skin?

Is it possible to achieve a very natural and smooth result lumps and unregularities) for a fat graft to the temples when the skin is very thin? I am... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Temples Too Much? (photo)

Had fat transfer to face (cheeks/temples). Pics show me today, 11 days post-op. Was excited for first couple of days post-op but now starting to get... READ MORE

Why Fat Transfer Isn't Good for the Temple and Above the Brows Augmentation?

Hello dear doctors, I have depressions on the temples and above the brows. I already had fillers who did wonders but it's way too expensive because i... READ MORE

Can Fat Injected at Temples Be Smoothed or Removed?

Fat was injected into my temples to hide veins showing through my skin. The result is multiple, sizable lumps around my eyes. My doctor told me to... READ MORE

Steroid Injections to Correct Fat Graft?

Steroid shot helped a lot to correct over-grafted temples, but they're still too large. 1. How long does it take to see the full results of the... READ MORE

Reverse Fat Transfer to Temples? (photo)

I'm more than 2mos post op with fat-grafting. My temples still look far too large and make my eyes look small, I miss the contour I used to have there... READ MORE

Can Someone Tell Me How Much Fat Grafting Would Cost?

So I want to go in for fat grafting, but I am unsure how much I'm looking at? I need not much just maybe 2 full syringes maybe even 1.5 however much... READ MORE

Hello, if Micro Fat Grafting is Used in the Temporal Area for Temporal Augmentation, Will the Fat Survive? Thanks.

Hello, if Micro Fat Grafting is Used in the Temporal Area for Temporal Augmentation, Will the Fat Survive? Thanks. READ MORE

I Want to Know Will Micro Fat Grafting Fill out a 6 Mm Temporal Hollowing? How Much Fat Will Survive?

Hello there, i want to get fat grafted to my temporal areas (micro fat grafting), i just want to know or in anyone's experience can it fill out that... READ MORE

Can I fly 5 days after facial fat transfer?

Can I fly 5 days after fat graft to my cheeks, forehead, temples, under eyes, and chin? The total flying time is 19 hours which includes two flights... READ MORE

I am considering fat transfer for loss of volume in my face. Is this the best route? How much would it cost? (Photo)

I have lost a lot of volume in my face in the last 5 years, specially cheeks and temples. I also have dark circles under my eyes that aren't very... READ MORE

How long should bruising after facial fat transfer to the tear troughs last?

It's been almost 3 months (March 11th will be 3 months) since I have done my facial fat transfer (cheeks, temples, tear troughs and lateral brow) and... READ MORE

Six months after fat transfer. I look like a chipmunk when I smile. now what?

I wanted fat transfer on my temple and buccal area. 6 mos ago dr put it on the apple of my cheeks where i didnt need it. Unfortunately most survived... READ MORE

What is the difference with using Sculptra versus a fat transfer in the hollows in my temples?

I am getting ready to do an upper and lower blemph and a facelift.  My RPS suggested I do a fat transfer to fill,in the hollowness in my temples.... READ MORE

Fat Grafting Result: Is this Final or Not?

I had facial fat grafting 3 months ago (30cc of purified fat transferred to temples and cheeks). My doctor said it was a substantial amount as I asked... READ MORE

After a year overgrown fat grafting?

About a year ago i did fat grafting to my cheeks. A year later it looks.like two.bumps have developed near my temple. I went back to surgeon and he... READ MORE

1 week post op fat grafting and I look the same after minus some asymmetry. How long before I can do filler?

I did full face fat grafting a week ago (temple and cheeks) . i looked a little swollen the first few days, but now i look the same as before minus a... READ MORE

Do Fat Transfers Become Smoother with Time?

Do fat transfer's become smoother with time? I had fat transfer's done to my temples to treat severe hollowing approximately one week ago for the... READ MORE

Is it possible to reverse fat transfer to face?

A plastic surgeon i was dating about doing "liquid face lift". A procedure where only temp fillers and botox are injected to make the face look... READ MORE

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