Smile Lines + Fat Transfer

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Fat Injections over Aquamid?

I had Aquamid injection 2 years ago for smile lines. I had no complicaiton so far but regret the injection as I was not properly informed it was a... READ MORE

Fat Grafts on Chin, Smile Lines, and Cheeks 5 Days Ago; Are Sore Lumps Normal?

My face looks great; minimal noticable swelling; no bruising. I saw the doc yesterday because I had a lump on my left cheek. He put me on antibiotics... READ MORE

Which would you recommend Fat Grafting or Fillers for Nasolabial Fold?

Hello Drs I read that both fat grafting and fillers can be used to soften/reduce the smile lines but which one is more effective? From my reading on... READ MORE

Does LiveFill Work for Smile Lines?

I'm wondering if replacing the fat would minimize the lines in my lower face when I smile? Where can't LiveFill be placed? Are there any scars from... READ MORE

Deep laser peeling + lipofilling for smile lines? (Photo)

I was looking for permanent solution so I found lipofilling. But I got some mixed answers from doctors. Some say it wont last long, it needs to be... READ MORE

I feel my face is aging and needs a lot of work done! Am I obsessing or not? I need advise please. (photos)

Hello! My face is drooping and I always look tired. I have filled my lips with permanent product- like 10 years ago and it no longer looks good (in my... READ MORE

Using phosphatidylcholin to dissolve fat after fat transfer to face. Is it effective?

3 weeks ago, 30 cc of fat was injected ONLY @ smile lines & bottom cheeks (nothing at all was injected @ top cheeks) I read that phosphatidylcholin... READ MORE

Is there a way to reduce and smooth fat that was placed into face? (photos)

Years ago I went to a doctor to have him fill in my acne scars (dents) with fat. Unfortunately, the doctor filled in my smile lines and made my whole... READ MORE

Fat injected in smile lines and bottom cheeks. Will it dissolve at a larger percentage than fat injected in the upper cheeks?

Is it true that fat injected @ the smile lines & bottom cheeks would dissolve at larger percentage than the fat injected in the upper cheeks? 30 cc of... READ MORE

When I smiled my cheek line not appear perfect and this bad type of hole appear. Any suggestions? (photos)

Please give me the right solution to make my smile perfect and get rid from this hole READ MORE

Would it work remove lumps safely by excision? (photos)

Fat graft into nasolobian,smile lines & bottom cheeks resulted in lumps that give puffiness to surrounding face parts.One surgeon told me its safer to... READ MORE

Flying for 10+ hours after a fat transfer to face.. swelling or has fat shifted?

I had a fat transfer procedure done for my forehead, under eyes, and smile lines in Korea and flew to the U.S. the next day. The doctor did not warn... READ MORE

Is fat transfer to face a complicated procedure? I'm not seeing many in my area with good before and after pics (Photo)

Im 31 I've always had a fuller cheeks but strong jaw line. After having my son 4 years ago I have noticed my face has slowly slimmed down a LOT.... READ MORE

I got facial fat transfer to my face and 70% of the fat melted off in 4 months.

So I got a fat transfer from my arm fat to my cheekbones, lips and smile lines about 4 months ago for $2700. I was awake the whole procedure, it went... READ MORE

Alternatives to fillers?? (photos)

I am 21. I am a weightlifter and lost 20 pounds since working out. I lost a lot of volume to my face. I am also an on and off smoke(trying to quit).... READ MORE

About how much is facial fat grafting in the AZ area?

I'm 35 and would like to get facial fat grafting under my eyes, cheeks, smile lines and maybe lips. I got a quote from a reputable dr. in San Diego,... READ MORE

Will one fat transfer give me the results I want?

I'm 35 and feel I have advanced aging under my eyes and smile lines. I would like a face fat transfer, but the dr. I'm interested in is out of state. READ MORE

Reverse botched FT into cheeks and smile lines to improve asymmetry?

I am a 25 yo male. 4 years ago I dented underneath my eye squeezing blackheads. I had Restylane injected in the area 3 years ago, but it went above... READ MORE

How to decrease fat take rate after unsatisfactory fat graft?

I had fat graft on my forehead,paranasal area, lips and smile lines 6 days ago. The paranasal and the smile lines look fine, but my lips&forehead... READ MORE

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