Migration + Fat Transfer

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Can Fat from Fat Transfer Migrate to Other Areas?

I have fat trasfer on cheeks and smart lipo on jowlines/neck. Please help, I can't find support from my own doctor. he said need to wait 6 months... READ MORE

Can Fat Grafting in the Cheekbones Be Absorbed in the Lower Cheeks? (photo)

I had a relatively thin face before recieving fat grafting in my cheekbones to help tighten my skin from a 100lb+ weightloss. But, ever since...it has... READ MORE

Can Fat Transfers Cause Unwanted Fat Redistribution (As Liposuction Often Does)?

Considering that only ~ 40% of fat survives in regular procedures and only a minor % is used in total of high-density fat transfers, out of the 100%... READ MORE

Can Fat Transfer Migrate? (photo)

I am 10 days post op for corrigator resection with fat transfer to frown lines and above upper lip. I now have a large lump above each eye towards the... READ MORE

Can Fat Injected in to the Face Start to Disburse As Early As 2 Weeks?

I had fat injected into my face,when the swelling started to go down around 12 days I noticed a crease below my left eye top of cheek, it looks like... READ MORE

Face Fat Transfer and Upper Bleph but Have a Lump Going to Side of Left Cheek Area (photo)

Hi I had face fat transfer yesterday just abit concerned after it that he seems to have gone down left cheek and put some fat in and then continued... READ MORE

What are the possible complications from fat transfer for lips?

Can the fat migrate from where it was placed? Can you form a lot of scar tissue? Can it become lumpy? What about necrsosis? Sorry for so many... READ MORE

Are fat grafting injections safe and effective in very hollow temples when there is little fat/muscle?

Are fat graftimg injections likely to take in very hollow temples, without causing cosmetic and or vascular occulsions due to migration? READ MORE

Will fat trasfer into my cheeks migrate?

I have been advised about fat trasfer, but I am afraid the fat will clump up and migrate. I have heard that if it is injecting slowly over time, the... READ MORE

Is there a probem with having TOO much fat graft in one area if you are exceptionally deficient?

Lets say you are exceptionally deficient in an area, and would normally require a custom made large implant to make that defect look "normal". you... READ MORE

Does fascia fat (in strips) have a lower chance of migration than fat injections?

Since fascia fat is implanted in strips, I was wondering if there would be a lower chance of migration for these vs. fat injections, which are... READ MORE

Fat grafting to face migrates to other areas?

20s, I want volume to forehead and cheeks since it's so flat but i hear about patients where the fat migrates from forehead and down to the eyes... READ MORE

Fat transfer to side of nose – could the fat have migrated from pressing on it?

Hi! I had a nasal rasping/fat transfer procedure about 30 hours ago, in which the left side was rasped and the right filled out with fat from my hip.... READ MORE

Can fat cells which were transplanted into the eyebrows migrate after 3 weeks because of a job which is really "hard" ?

I had a fat transfer into the eyebrows and after 3 weeks i went to my new job as a music teacher. This job is ver "hard" for the face; singing; being... READ MORE

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