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When Can I Resume Exercise After Fat Transfer?

I just had a fat transfer yesterday and like the results. I am a runner, and would like to know when it is safe to begin exercise. What I'm... READ MORE

Start Exercise Routine 4 Weeks Before Fat Transfer?

I'm having a fat transfer in 4 weeks. Can I start an exercise routine now? I'm going to have fat from the abdomen transfered to the buttocks. I'm a... READ MORE

When Can I Diet and Exercise, Lift Weights and Do Cardio After a Butt Fat Transfer?

Im 6 weeks out of getting a butt fat transfer and cant wait to get back in shape, Im gaining weight doing nothing at home and eating. I gain weight... READ MORE

How damaging is exercise one week after fat transfer to the face?

How damaging is aerobic exercise 8 days after fat transfer to the face? I think I made a big mistake and want to cry! READ MORE

Facial Exercises After Facial Fat Transfer?

Just had fat transfer from abdomen to face. This is the 5th day after the procedure. Areas of my face feel hard an lumpy will these soften any time... READ MORE

Will Excercise Cause the Fat Transferred to the Buttocks Go Away?

I like excercising for health reasons, i however never quite get to get rid of the belly fat. I also dont feel saatisfied with the shape of my bum coz... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Inner Thighs - When Can I Exercise Again?

I had lipo 3 months ago where I got excesively treated my inner thighs, now I had fat transfer from my stomach to my medial inner thighs, when can I... READ MORE

Loss of Fullness Under Eyes

I am 45, male, and play high level tennis. I have noticed a gradual skin sinking (less fullness) under one eye than the other & lower nose area.... READ MORE

If I lose weight after fat grafting, will I lose the fat that was placed in my thighs?

If I lose 15pounds after surgery were fat grafting was done to the side of my thighs .will I loose all of the fat that was placed there and what... READ MORE

Fat Transfer After Filler Removal

I am having ArteFill removed and would like to get fat transfer for scars due to fat loss. Does exercise and health make a difference in results? Thanks. READ MORE

Can I transfer fat to the sides of my buttock because I have dents?

I'm petite my hips are small as well but I don't want butt implants or anything related because I workout so I just want to fix the sides of my buttock. READ MORE

Hips are 85cm and I want 90-95cm - What's the best process?

I have hips only 85cm and i want to become 90-95cm. So how can i do it or what kind of exercise or food or clothes that i need to do it? READ MORE

Why did my breast size shrink suddenly after simple exercise 5 weeks after fat transfer to breast?

Hi Drs I've just finished 5 weeks post breast fat transfer surgery, and I decided to go for simple workout, after consulting with my dr. I did one... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Calves- How Long After before Leg Exercises and Calve Raises?

Hi - Got 150CC fat transferred to each calf. How long do I wait until I can start doing calve raises, squats, lunges, and other machine leg exercises? READ MORE

Facial fat transfer and facial exercise?

If I have a facial fat transfer, can I continue doing my facial exercises? I have been doing facial exercises, and the exercises have helped in the... READ MORE

Weight loss after facial fat graft?

I'm planning on loosing weight approximately 6-7lbs gradually after 2-3weeks of surgery. Will this weight loss effect my surgery results dramatically?... READ MORE

I am seeking Fat Transfer to breasts. I have a few questions.

I am seeking fat transfer to breasts. I am 5'7" and 115lbs. I am heavier on the bottom (thighs and butt). Questions: (1) how large is realistic after... READ MORE

What are your advise on fat transfer to calves and ankles?

I have just had 300cc of fat transferred to each of my calves and ankles and am currently putting my feet up and trying to let the fat 'take'. I have... READ MORE

Exercise after fat transfer to undereye hollows, with micro lipo+ThermiRF to arms for weight loss/aging substantial skin laxity?

I have a rigorous triathlon training schedule & want to resume training asap but doctor proposed exercise restrictions vary wildly. I'm 72 hrs post... READ MORE

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