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Do Cheek Fat Injections Dissolve if I Lose Weight?

I am looking to get my cheeks done, and I noticed that the fat injections are a lot cheaper than implants. I was told they last up to a year. If I get... READ MORE

What Does 5 Fu Do if Injected Under Eye Area?

I had a Lower Blep from inside my Eyes. After that i was hollow on one Eye.I had Fat Grating put under the Eye to fill in the hollow area.So now it... READ MORE

How Long Will Fat Transfer to Pecs Last?

I am a male who had a fat transfer to my pecs which I'm not satisfied with. I heard that these results are not permenant and after a period of... READ MORE

How to Remove Fat Graft from Cheeks?

I had fat graft on my upper cheeks. And it is way too much. I had 9 cc. on each side, plus I'm not Caucasian. I have tried my own silly way like... READ MORE

Options for Non-Invasive Removal of Fat Graft to Cheeks?

I hate my cheek fat graft its disgusting and big i would like to remove it, what are some non invasive ways to remove the fat grafting, it seems not... READ MORE

Possible to Dissipate Fat Around Mouth After Fat Transfer?

I facial fat injections done three times. I like the results but I don't like the fat injected around the mouth. It looks heavy and makes my mouth... READ MORE

Remove or dissolve fat after fat transfer to face?

I had fat transfer to my face 5 days ago. I know I have to wait to have all the swell go out but the problem that fat was injected in my bottom cheeks... READ MORE

Is 3 months after fat transfer to early for facial lipo? Will the fat transfer dissolve on it's own? (Photo)

My face looks totally different and now has saggy features. I had fat transfered to my face, especifically to the top part of my cheeks and my... READ MORE

Is it possible to dissolve fat? As in stubborn area fat? Lipase(?) injections? Theres this thing called PB serum

Ok so my aunt got these injections all over her stomach.. The dr injected 3"enzymes" cant remember all but i think lipase+ hyaluronic acid injections... READ MORE

When is the best time to dissolve overfill Fat grafting?

I had fat grafting 2 weeks ago, so far so good accept one little tiny part of my left cheel that is I feel overfilled. I am not sure if it is sweeling... READ MORE

Using phosphatidylcholin to dissolve fat after fat transfer to face. Is it effective?

3 weeks ago, 30 cc of fat was injected ONLY @ smile lines & bottom cheeks (nothing at all was injected @ top cheeks) I read that phosphatidylcholin... READ MORE

Does facial cupping dissolve fat transfered to face?

I had a fat transfer to my face a couple of years ago. Recently I did facial cupping and I noticed as I did it, my facell got slimmer and more hollow... READ MORE

Is it possible to dissolve fat transfer?

Is there any way to disolve fat transfer while still in the healing process? I had it done 8 days ago and it's too much under my eyes. I was wondering... READ MORE

Fat injected in smile lines and bottom cheeks. Will it dissolve at a larger percentage than fat injected in the upper cheeks?

Is it true that fat injected @ the smile lines & bottom cheeks would dissolve at larger percentage than the fat injected in the upper cheeks? 30 cc of... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Fat transfer to face procedure (cheekbones and under eyes)? (photos)

Im in my 20s; Ill inject fat to my lips again since too much dissolved from last time. What fat grafting technique is best for under eyes & cheeks and... READ MORE

Can vitase/hyaluronidase injections harm a fat transfer if given 2 weeks post op?

Could vitase/Hyaluronidase (the enzyme injection that is used to dissolve restylane and juvederm) dissolve or harm a recent fat transfer procedure 2 w... READ MORE

Will fat transfer dissolve with weight loss?

I had a a facial fat transfer done over a year ago with terrible results. What are the chances of losing the facial fat transfer with weight loss? READ MORE

Is there anything I can do to help even & or dissolve my fat transfer/graft out? As in massaging or heat? Any tips? (Photos)

I had a dr basically talk me into getting a fat transfer to my upper cheek & under eye area. It's been 2 weeks and I'm upset & very concerned.... READ MORE

Is it normal that my face looks so square after facial fat grafting (jawline, chin and cheeks)? (photos)

I have undergone fat grafting surgery and the doctor said he inserted over 100 cc only to the areas treated. I am really worried and my face looks... READ MORE

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