Discoloration + Fat Transfer

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Skin Discoloration After Fat Transfer

I had fat injections around my upper cheek area a year ago. Now, I have a greenish-grey discoloration under my skin on both sides of upper cheeks. Why... READ MORE

Pillowing and Discoloration 5 Months After Fat Transfer Under Eyes

I had fat injections under eyes to fill out some hollowness 5 months ago. The right eye is pillowed and discolored and the swelling has not gone down... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Treat Facial Wound

My doctor treated a facial wound with a fat transfer about a month ago. My wound was 6 months old at the time, and had left scarring and discoloration... READ MORE

What Is The Cause Of Fat Injection Discoloration 2 Months Post-Op?

I had a small amount of fat injected into my marionette lines 8 weeks ago it is lumpy upon animation and seems to have migrated up, there is a grayish... READ MORE

Can my arms be fixed with fat grafting? (photos)

My upper arms have had overly aggressive liposuction. As you can see in picture the upper arm is now smaller than forearm. I also have wrinkly of the... READ MORE

Swelling after fat grafting to the face and lips.When will I see me in the mirror?

I am 8 days post surgery, under my eyes are still quite puffy and every color of the rainbow, purple, red, yellow etc, my lips look like duck lips. I... READ MORE

Can facial orbital fat transfer shift?

Fat transfer from abdomen to eye orbits but mostly lower eyelid. After 2 months developed a blue discoloration. Areas above discoloration continue to... READ MORE

Huge dent and discolouration from steroid injections (Photo)

I developed a granuloma from filler the size of a golf ball my injector then started treatment with steroid injections the first 2 were fine but the... READ MORE

Swelling and dark discolouration under eye after fat injection. what should i do to remove the dark colour under my eye? (photo)

I am 29 year old female.i had done fat injection on my cheecks nd n under eye.six days passes still the swelling and dark discolourtaion under my eye... READ MORE

Fat injections under eye. Is it hyperpigmentation, hemosiderin stain, vascular congestion, or something else? (Photo)

I had fat injections under my eyes 8 months ago and still have a yellow brownish discoloration along my tear troph. I've had two IPL LASER treatments... READ MORE

Discoloured thigh after liposuction and fat transfer?

I had fat transfer from inner thighs to cheeks. Doctor used small amount (around 100cc in total with aspirate) but I'm bruised and my upper left thigh... READ MORE

How long does it take for a bruise to fade after a procedure to remove solidified fat? (Photos)

Had a fat transfer to face 11/15/16. Fat that was injected under the right eye became hard despite following the post op orders. 6 months later, still... READ MORE

How to treat a lump and discolored fat transfer? (Photo)

I had fat transferred from my waist to my calves about two years ago. The fat was discolored after a few weeks and a lump formed. The lump used to be... READ MORE

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