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Fat Grafting for a Complicated Liposuction Defect On Chin/Neck? Recommendations? (photo)

Can anyone recommend a surgeon who is highly skilled in fat grafting for complicated issues? I had laser lipo under my chin and the results are not... READ MORE

Can anyone help with botched facial fat grafting? Forehead lumpy & hardened areas under eyes post procedure 2 1/2 years. (photo)

Fat was placed in my entire face, which was not what I asked for or wanted. My forehead is now lumpy and I suspect won't improve since I have tried... READ MORE

Fat Grafting for Botched Lipo?

I become more and more depressed after knowing more about correcting botched Lipo through fat transfer. 1) 1 requires G.A./nerve block etc. So, if it... READ MORE

Can this botched fat transfer be fixed? I have dents and lumpiness all over my chin and near my mouth. (Photo)

I went to a fat transfer surgeon and paid top dollar almost 6 months ago. I have dents, unevenness and lumpiness. Another patient of his contacted me... READ MORE

Who is willing to correct this botched fat-transfer? (Photos)

I had several procedures performed 7 years ago including lipo to the inner thigh area transferred to my under eyes. I am left with a large hard lump... READ MORE

Why Won't Some Doctors Perform Fat Transfer?

I had a botched vaser lipo. I found the perfect Dr. for my breasts and Tummy Tuck, but he was less than thrilled about correcting a huge indent under... READ MORE

What should I do about my botched fat graft?

I had fat grafting done in Oct of 2014. The doctor overfilled my eyebrows. We didn't discuss adding fat there & I absolutely hate how it looks. My... READ MORE

Can my botched banana roll be fixed? (Photos)

I know why I have it, too much fat taken. I'd take the cellulite over my taco ass anyday now. I don't care where in the world you are. I don't care if... READ MORE

Can fat transfer to correct botched liposuction on inner thighs be done under local anaesthetic?

I have areas where too much fat was taken from my inner thighs, leaving an irregular contour. I know that fat transfer to the areas of fat deficiency... READ MORE

Can fat be transferred to areas where there is very little/no fat? (Botched Lipo)

I had laser liposuction done on the inner knees a year ago. The doctor took out practically all of the fat from the area above the knee (bottom 1/3 of... READ MORE

Could fat transfer fix my botched lipo? (Photo)

I previously asked this question but forgot to attach photos - I'm 26 years old. I went in for chin liposuction around 6 months ago. The surgeon was... READ MORE

Reverse botched FT into cheeks and smile lines to improve asymmetry?

I am a 25 yo male. 4 years ago I dented underneath my eye squeezing blackheads. I had Restylane injected in the area 3 years ago, but it went above... READ MORE

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