6 Weeks Post-op + Fat Transfer

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Fat Grafting and Swelling, Desperate for Some Answers?

I had a revision rhinoplasty and a fat transfer to my cheeks and a little under my eyes. After seven days I took the cast of my nose and it looked... READ MORE

How Long Does it Take for Fat Trasnsfer to Face (Mainly Cheeks) to Heal? Still Red 6 Weeks Post-Op.

6 weeks ago I had some fat taken from my thigh,and put in to my cheeks and chin area.The swelling and redness, had subsided 2 weeks ago, but these... READ MORE

Will Fat Injections in Marionette Lines Reabsorb? I Don't Like The Results.

I had a tiny bit of fat in my marionette lines 6 weeks ago, it has done nothing to fill the line but looks irregular and bumpy when I smile on the... READ MORE

When Will Dark Circles Under Eyes Subside After 40 Days of Fat Injection? (photo)

I did fat injection under my eyes and to my cheeks 40 days ago .So far my cheeks look fuller but i am still worried about the dark circles which i was... READ MORE

What Factors Influence Fat Survival After Injection? (photo)

I've had a midface lift, canthoplasty, enduragen graft, cheek implants and fat injection. The injected fat on the right side of the face doesn't seem... READ MORE

Why did my breast size shrink suddenly after simple exercise 5 weeks after fat transfer to breast?

Hi Drs I've just finished 5 weeks post breast fat transfer surgery, and I decided to go for simple workout, after consulting with my dr. I did one... READ MORE

How does my face look? (photos)

Hello I'm almost 44. I had fat transfer to my face 6.5 weeks ago.. At first I loved the hollows of my eyes, and lips.. But now just about all of the... READ MORE

Eye fat grafts lumpy and swollen after 6 weeks. Can this be fixed if they don't soften and flatten out?

I got fat grafts in my upper lids six weeks ago and they are lumpy and still puffy, despite two courses of Prednisone. Will they ever soften up and... READ MORE

What can I do to help reduce discoloration and shadowing under eye after fat transfer?

I am 6 weeks post op and I am of Indian origin. I have dark almost black pigmentation under my eyes. I have been trying Arncia and Aurider, but no... READ MORE

Rapid Decline of Fat 7 Weeks Post Transfer

As a result of jaw cancer, I lost volume to the right side of my face. I had a fat transfer. During the swelling, my face appeared (puffy but)... READ MORE

How long does swelling it take for cheekbones to stop looking distorted from fat transfer with a full face lift?

I am 43 and wanted to fix my rapidly declining lower face and neck. Dr suggested adding the fat transfer. I am 6 weeks from the lift and transfer and... READ MORE

Micro laser at 400 level, will results heal more?

I had a microlaser peel 6 weeks ago on my lower face. My chin looks terrible, it has this dents/pits in it. Plus, I have the little "holes" all over.... READ MORE

5 weeks since fat graft to cheeks - two very black eyes & fat in brows.

Wanted fat graft to cheeks, top of outer corner of brow and crease between brow filled in. 10 days post, Dr. injected steroid in lump under eye, has... READ MORE

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