4 Months Post-op + Fat Transfer

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Is There Any Risk if I Redo the Fat Transfer from Tummy to Cheeks?

I had fat transfer 4 months ago, the result was great on the first one month & half,my face looked round in a beautiful way, then the fat started... READ MORE

I'm 31 yrs old, 5'4, and 114 lbs. I had fat transfer 4 months ago. How do I make my breasts bigger without implants? (photos)

I did nAtural fat transfer to breast 4 months ago, I did lost at least 40% . I do like my breast, they are fuller but still small, I am 5,4 114 lb... READ MORE

Removing Fat Injections Under Eyes?

I got them under my eyes 4 mo ago. They were lumpy and mismatched and still are. 3 mo ago my Dr. both injected hyaluronidase and tried to needle... READ MORE

What is the Optimal Healing Time After Fat Injections to Remove?

I had fat injected into my upper cheeks with small injections in multiple layers from my stomach 4 months ago and I'm not fond of it. How long I... READ MORE

Fat Transfer Cheeksbones and Lips. What's Left After 3/4 Months is Pernament As in Forever?

Fat transfer is expensive because it should be pernament. So I expect that the fat that stays after 3/4 months is permanent especially because I am... READ MORE

Can you I reverse fat grafting in my cheeks?

I had facial fat grafting 4 months ago & I'm very unhappy with the results. My face is too full & one side is bigger than the other. It looks like a... READ MORE

What could be swellings of fat grafts areas 4 months later the injection? (Photo)

I had fat graft in face and my ankles ..no complications right after the surgery except swelling.. i had prophylactic antibiotics and it was ok... 4... READ MORE

It's been 4 months post op fat transfer to hips and still look straight. Help!

I had a fat transfer to my hips from my flanks and stomach. I still seem straight when wearing clothes and do not have that hourglass figure. My waist... READ MORE

How soon can I get full face fat transfer touch up?

I had fill face fat transfer 4 months ago. My naselabiol line didnt take the fat that well. How soon can I get a touch up? READ MORE

Had Fat Grafting go wrong so tried to deflate it will Hyaluronic Acid now it looks even worse. What should I do? (photos)

I have fat grafting under my eyes on July 20th. I'm 4months post op. After one month one of my eyes went down and looked regular however the other eye... READ MORE

Pain after fat transfer to calves. (photos)

5 september 2016 i had fat trasferred to my calves....last week i went for a touch up on 9 january 2017........its now been 10 days...one of my legs... READ MORE

Fat injections to lower eyelid to correct hollowness has resulted in bags under eyes. (photo)

The doctor suggested fat injections to correct the hollow trough under eyes but my after pictures look worse than the before. Before I had no bags... READ MORE

Will the uneven surface improve on my stomach where fat was removed? 4 months post small fat graft. (photo)

I had roughly 30 ml of fat removed from stomach to improve assymetry issues on breast. I have noticed some slight unevenness on stomach. Will this... READ MORE

I had fat grafting 4 months ago (February). Since a month ago my skin texture is worse.

I had a fat grafting in feb. Since a month ago my skintexture is worse. Small white dots (not pimples), and the texture seem odd. Bigger poores. I... READ MORE

4 months post op full face fatgrafting - How soon can i get a touch up?

I am in the thirties and got full face fat grafting 4 mo tha ago. The swelling for my nasalobial line has subsided and i realized that area didnt take... READ MORE

4 months full face fat transfer post-op. Face is stoll really bloated. Is that that norml?

I used to have a very define jawline before the fat transfer. I have been looking bloated, especially cheeks. Is that normal after 3 months? Will it... READ MORE

Mid-face procedure w/ fat-grafting (4 mo out). Face looks more youthful but a bit "fat." Dropped my body fat down but no change.

Would appreciate understanding whether this plump look may diminish over time. I realize that this volume may actually be an indicator of youth in... READ MORE

I have had a fat graft in the cheeks, the surgeon overfilled the area extremely, and too low in the face. Any suggestions?

I had micro lipo by another surgeon from corners of the mouth, he removed it from the superficial layer, Whilst he was removing the fat he said "this... READ MORE

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