2 Months Post-op + Fat Transfer

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I Am 7 Weeks After my Full Face Fatgrafting and the Fat is Almost All Gone is This Normal?

I Am 7 Weeks After my Full Face Fatgrafting and the Fat is Almost All Gone is This Normal? READ MORE

2 Months Post Far Transfer to Butt and Still Have Pain?

I had lipos with fat transfer to butt about 2 months ago now and my but is still experiencing pain , dull achy.. and today my butt looks bigger than... READ MORE

Reverse Fat Transfer to Temples? (photo)

I'm more than 2mos post op with fat-grafting. My temples still look far too large and make my eyes look small, I miss the contour I used to have there... READ MORE

A Twofold Question Regarding Fat Transfer After Restylane to the Tear Troughs

I am 23 and have always had hereditary dark circles caused by tear troughs and very thin lower lid skin. 2 months ago I had restylane done. It did... READ MORE

Hemosederin Under Eyes Post Fat Transfer? (photo)

Hi, I had an under eye f/t 2 myths ago. The bruising was gone in 3 weeks. The resulting brown discouloration is hemosederin staining. Looks terrible... READ MORE

What Is The Cause Of Fat Injection Discoloration 2 Months Post-Op?

I had a small amount of fat injected into my marionette lines 8 weeks ago it is lumpy upon animation and seems to have migrated up, there is a grayish... READ MORE

I Had Fat Injection to my Face 7 Weeks Ago, I was Overfilled Under my Eyes, What Should I do?

I had fat injection to my face 7 weeks ago. My face is round and fat and I look older. I hate how I look. Will my face go down more or I need to have... READ MORE

Hyaluronic Acid Under the Eyes, Can it Be Applied, After 2 Months of Fat Injection? (photo)

Hi, I have 23 years old. 2 months ago fat injected under my eyes.. in the area marked with red dots, I think it is completely deflated, and I'm... READ MORE

Too much fat was injected under my eyes. Lost my job! Need to find a great doctor to help me? Fat grafting under eyes (Photos)

I am 34 years old and I have had fat injections under my eyes about 10 weeks ago. I'm really terrified with the results of the procedure and I want to... READ MORE

Lumps in Forehead After Fat Transfer to Temples? How Did They Get There? Will It Go Away?

I'm a 29 female & received fat transfer almost 2 months ago into my temples. Most of the fat is already gone, but now there is a hard, noticeable... READ MORE

What do I do 8 weeks after fat injections under my eyes? (photos)

I got fat injections under my eyes 8 weeks ago and the bruising and swelling hasn't gone down. My doctor says to do antibiotics and another treatment.... READ MORE

Does the photo look like a nodule or extra fat from fat grafting? I am 2 months out. (photos)

I had fat grafting two months ago. I have a sausage like appearance under one eye and one small lump on the other eye. I would like to know by looking... READ MORE

I Had Fat Transfers on my Marionette Lines and Two Months Later Are Very Uneven Bumps?

How long should this take before the lumps flatten out and look normal. It has also created a ribbon like grove that runs from the base of my chin to... READ MORE

Injected Fat Transfer to Lower Eyelids; 8 months post op: still swollen or is it excess fat? (photo)

One wk. post op lump swelling high; by 4 wks it shrunk to current size. When I depress lump with thumb several seconds, then release, it reforms in a... READ MORE

Facial Fat Grafting?

So now am almost two months and I told my dr in the surgery day that I have uneven cheeks but she told its only swelling and will go away after few... READ MORE

Is there anything I can do for persistent darkness under my eyes 2 months after fat grafting? Can it fade on its own? (photo)

I had facial fat grafting 8 weeks ago. There is persistent darkness under each eye . I saw my plastic surgeon last week and he said I have to wait 2... READ MORE

is fat grafting to the face not working, I am losing results?

I had fat grafting to my face on Feb24, 2014, by now it has almost been 2 month. I was happy with the look after all the swelling gone down but... READ MORE

Recently had a FAT TRANSFER to face, can I take growth hormone supplements? It's called SeroVital. And does SeroVital work?

I had fat transfer to cheeks and jaw area, I bought a growth hormone supplement called SeroVital. Will this affect my fat transfer in any way. I had... READ MORE

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