Facial Feminization Surgery

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Facial feminization surgery (FFS) uses a series of procedures to alter typically male features to appear more classically female. FFS may include a brow lift, cheek augmentation, rhinoplasty, and lip augmentation.

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FFS , Facial Feminization Surgery ,forehead Reconstruction, Forehead "Type 3", Jaw Reduction, Sliding Genioplasty

I am a MTF transgender woman in my early 20's, who undergone FFS (forehead reconstruction type 3/sliding genioplasty/jaw reduction) by Dr. Bart van de ven of 2pass/o2 clinic or whatever the name is now in Antwerp, Belgium. I am writing this review not to bash anyone but to help my fellow... READ MORE

FFs Surgery

So it been two weeks after my surgery and I do feel a lot better. To be honest, I don't think the whole entire experience was particularly painful at all but instead it was more uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable, I've decided to went with Dr.Speigel in Boston and I'm glad I did. Money was never... READ MORE

FFS Forehead Lift, Lip Lift and Trachea Shave with FacialTeam.EU

I chose to undergo some limited FFS to remove male markers such as pronounced adams apple and brow bone ridge. The feminisation effects I sought were to open my eye area and achieve a more visible lip profile. I was directed to the facial team site by a friend and I found their page to be very... READ MORE

Dr Bart Van De Ven - Bone Work Good, Soft Tissue Work Bad - Belgium

Here is my honest review. 1st session Sept 2011 Procedures: Forehead recontouring with orbital recontouring + Hairline correction + Browlift, Blepharoplasty lowerlid, Rhinoplasty (Nose reduction), Earlobe reduction, Lipfift, Trachea shave, MACS facelift, Lipo-filling face: cheeks, nasolabial... READ MORE

I Love my Forehead and Cheeks - Boston, MA

I had forehead reduction, cheek implants, lip lift, neck lift, trach shave, and rhinoplasty. I love the cheek implants the most and I went with the larger ones. They are extremely feminizing, especially when I smile. I think if I was going to do just one thing I would have done the forehead... READ MORE

FFS 29 Years Old - Chestnut Hill, MA

I had FFS with Dr Spiegel after years of wanting it. I had a rhinoplasty, cheek implants and forehead (contouring, brow lift, hairline lowering). I am happy- but I imagine I will get a rhinoplasty revision as at 3 months post op I don't like the way my nose looks when I smile. If I'm not... READ MORE

Wonderful Experience. Hairline Lowering, Orbital Bony Contouring, Rhinoplasty, Lip Lift & Augmentation, Chin Augmentation

Day 1 Consultation (Monday) At the office I had pre op pictures taken, met with Francis to go over everything, and then met Dr. Mayer. Meeting the doctor was pretty surreal, and I just sat in this awesome Victorian era chair as he analyzed my face. I read another review where someone described... READ MORE

Facial Feminization 2012 - Boston, MA

"Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel is simply wonderful!! Not only is he an incredibly talented surgeon but he also actually listens to you, the patient. He is truly compassionate and he made me feel as if we accomplished everything together as a team. I am very very pleased with the results and feel that... READ MORE

Dr. Harrison Lee Changes Lives. Beverly Hills, CA

I had revision FFS surgery with Dr. Harrison Lee. I had TWO ffs doctors work on my face and I have not really made a review for them, but I'm getting a little annoyed about the bad reviews because so far Dr. Lee has seemed to be my favorite out of the three doctors I went to. Not only his... READ MORE

Facial Feminization Surgery Ffs Male to Female. Houston, TX

I have 2 week with my surgery . I'm so happy Los cambios vienen día con día estoy inchada inflamada todavía mucho pero cada día que pasa es un cambio notorio en mi rostro hasta ahora los resultados van acorde con el proceso de recuperación estoy ansiosa para ver el resultado final cuando esté... READ MORE

FFS - Brow Lift, Shave, Scalp Advancement & Chin Softening W/ Implant W/ Dr. Raphael - Plano, TX

I had my eyes set on getting FFS with Dr. Raphael for quite a while as every girl I've known of that has gone to him for work have come out looking beautiful and natural. As I'm writing this I am one month post op, I am still very swollen, but can say I am very happy with how my forehead is... READ MORE

My FFS with Dr Benjamin Wood - Washington, D.C.

When my coordinator told me Dr wood was going to do my FFS I was so happy but at the same time I was very nervous, because he isn't as fomous as other Dr for FFS But he made me feel so comfortable the results are amazing I achieved the three that I was looking for Feminine, beautiful and... READ MORE

Chin reduction, Mandibular jaw angle reduction, Platysmal plication and Rhinoplasty by Chris Inglefield - London, GB

After many years living with a substandard result from my previous rhinoplasty. I had spent many years researching and consulting with numerous Plastic surgeons who specialised in revision feminizing rhinoplasty from Thailand , USA, Korea, France, Spain and lastly the UK. I was very specific... READ MORE

25 yrs old w/ Rhinoplasty with Implant, Lip Lift, Buccal Fat Removal & Chin Recontouring with Implant - Plano, TX

I am very impressed with Dr. Ralphael. My friends and I have seen him, and we are all satisfied with his work, bed side manners and his team. I was interested in a full FFS (Facial Feminization Surgery) but they advised me to just do a rhinoplasty, and chin contouring and see what that would... READ MORE

Nikki Exotika of Secret Girls Has FFS with Dr Harrison Lee - New York, NY

He is the BEST for FFS!!! 2 offices in Beverly Hills/NYC for convenience! Triple board certified!!! You can't get better than that!! SUPER THRILLED WITH MY RESULTS I have sent 15 girls to him so far and they all LOVE THERE NEW FACES as well!! I was already attractive but was botched in the... READ MORE

Wow,Awesome Treatment Dr.A. Sivakumar - Thank You Sir - Chennai, India

Really i thankful to your treatment .awesome.i cant believe my eyes.i touch my face without any difficulties.I recently had Breast Reduction Surgery under the expert care of Dr.A.Siva kumar. From my first consultation through to the aftercare, Dr. A. Siva kumar was professional, caring and... READ MORE

Facial Team and Brenda - Spain

Hi, my name is Brenda and I'm 43 year old. Today I'm happy, credible and I have an identity! Thanks to Dr. Simon and Dr. Capitan, who did my face reloading and in spesific my forehead/orbital reduction & eyebrow lift + rinoplasty +chin and jaw contouring with osteotomy,today I can live, not... READ MORE

FFS? There Are Better Choices - Manchester, GB

I had surgery with Brian Musgrove for the purpose ofFacial Feminisation. I am not very happy with the results. In my opinion, Mr Musgrove is a good surgeon, but WAY too conservative in his approach. All the procedures he carried out on me have been done with minimal effect! My brow-lift has... READ MORE

Facial Feminization Surgery With Dr Harrison Lee - Beverly Hills, CA

I was Referred to Dr. Harrison Lee by a Good friend. I came in for consultation for facial feminization surgery. That included forehead reduction, jaw and chin reduction, Nose job, And the shaving of the Adam's apple. He made me feel so at ease that I booked my appointment the following week.... READ MORE

Went to my Dream Doctor

So to begin, my surgery was covered by insurance and the process of getting them to accept insurance as payment was a painful 4 month process. I feel as if they didn't want to be bothered to actually help me to get them paid. I got hairline advancement for head contouring, brow lift,... READ MORE

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