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One Side of my Face Lower Than the Other?

I have noticed that my face is uneven. 1 side of my face is abit lower than the other and it's most noticeable on my eyes and lips as one eyelid looks... READ MORE

Will Facial Nerve & Muscle Return to Normal? (Surgery Was 7 Months Ago)

I had an endoscopic brow/midface lift 7 months ago. It appears that the buccal branch of my facial nerve (on the left side) has been severed or badly... READ MORE

Is the Position of Earlobes Changed After Face and Neck Lift?

I had a face & neck lift in August 2010. The position of my earlobes has changed. I cannot wear my earrings because my right ear peirce is further... READ MORE

Can a Facelift Be Tweaked Afterwards if One Side of my Face is Saggier?

I had a facelift in April, and looked great for several months, but now I see that the right side of my face looks old again -- it has more sag that... READ MORE

Bad Results from Face Lift by Facial Plastic Surgeon? (photo)

I had a partial face lift 9 months ago with many complications. My jaw line is uneven and droopy. I look worse than before the surgery. What should I... READ MORE

Half my seems to be getting skinnier. is it possible or the face to completely sink in & cause a disability or damage? (photo)

I recently noticed that half my face is getting thinner and when i touch the area it even feels thinner. What could cause this? And is it possible or... READ MORE

Why Do I Have Uneven Cheeks After Fat Transfers and Face Lift? (photo)

I am 7 months post op. I do not have smooth cheeks after fat transfers to areas beside mouth and face lift. What is the cause of this and what can be... READ MORE

2 months post op, my left eye is swollen underneath on my cheekbone & my neck is still uneven & swollen. Is this normal? (photo)

I had a full face and neck lift and top and bottom of eyes done and a facial layering. After two months the left side of my face is badly scarred and... READ MORE

Face/Cheeks Falling Apart (Only 17)? (photo)

My face literally has no shape. My cheeks are extremely fat.It does not stick to the face but rather stick outward and slides down. Everyday I can... READ MORE

Hard Asymetrical Swelling After MASC Lift Could It Be Deep Hematoma?

I am 7 days post-op MACS lift,my PS removed the bandages yesterday and i finished a course of antibiotics as of lastnight my PS said that my stitches... READ MORE

I Had a Face Lift 2 Weeks Ago. I Can't Smile on my Left Side. Are There Vitamins That Will Help?

The doctor said to wait and it should repair itself. I am very nervous. Is there anything that will help in the repair process? B vitiamins? Anything... READ MORE

Eye Creases Are Crooked and Not Even After Upper Eyelid Lift, Are These The Final Results?

In my 5th day of upper eye bleph; my eye creases are crooked and not even; a piece of skin is clearly not straight.I have rroad track like scars from... READ MORE

Will I Need Fillers After Macs Face Lift Due to Uneven Jaw Line? (photo)

I had a macs face lift three months ago .I also had fat grafting to both cheeks as I had a thin face Unfortunately the fat just disappeared as my... READ MORE

4 Weeks Post-op Facelift--left Side Doing Well--right Side Has Huge Lump Behind Right Ear. Will It Heal?

Behind ear lobe. Also neck is quite wrinkled and hard& still shows where the drainage tube was. Massaging has been done twice daily. Wrinkle in... READ MORE

Facelift with Fat Transfer, Brow Lift and Canthopexy?

I am super unhappy with my cantho results. I didn't realize it would change the shape of my eye. It's too almond-cat like and I am very sad about it.... READ MORE

Can I Be Helped with Revision Surgery or Some Other Procedure? (photo)

Rhytidectomy (face lift) (June 2011) After 3 corrective procedures (Sept. 2011, January 2012, April 2012) my face looks awful. My neck sags on the... READ MORE

Three Liposuctions, Facelift, Thread Lift - All Resulting in Loose Skin and Non-uniformity

31 years, women. 3 liposuctions gave non-uniform loose skin especially around abdomen and face(cheeks). Underwent facelift as suggested by doctor for... READ MORE

Is Greater Tightness & Discomfort on One Side Vs. the Other Normal After Facelift?

I had a facelift 5 months ago. My right ear and neck have been tighter & more uncomfortable since day 1and they still are (although now it is more... READ MORE

One side of my face is noticeably uneven than the other? (photo)

Hi everyone, I don't mean to ask these weird questions, but I just thought I had to ask someone about this, but I've noticed that one side of my face... READ MORE

I am 36 years old. Do I need a facelift? (Photo)

My forehead and cheeks are sagging and it makes me look very depressed. I have to constantly hold a more uplifted expression on my face to combat the... READ MORE

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