How to Fix One Eye That's Bigger Than the Other?

First off, there are two imperfections on my face that irritate me. First are my eyes; second is my nose. I know for sure that I'm going to get a rhinoplasty done on my nose, but what about my eyes? As you can see, my eyes are uneven. Along with that, one seems to be bigger than the other. Can someone tell me what I need to do to get it totally corrected or to make it look better, please!? Thanks Docs!

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You really need an evaluation by an oculofacial plastic surgeon

You really need an evaluation by an oculofacial plastic surgeon.  It may be that one lid is droopier and needs to be lifted.  It may be that on one side the lid is too high and needs to be lowered.  It may be a sign of thyroid disease or another medical condition.  You need to find out why one eye is appearing larger and then it can be treated.  

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Hard to assess you from a photo

From the photo it looks like your right upper eyelid is droopy. That may account for the difference in appearance between the two sides. However, what you need is a detailed consultation to assess the two eyes to make sure that this is the basis for why the two sides look different.

Once this is determined then it is possible to talk about how to make it better. In Las Vegas, you might consider seeing Steve Leibowitz, M.D. a highly qualified eye plastic surgeon.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Facial Asymmetry

Excellent and a very common question. Everyone's face is asymmetric. Everyone has a smaller and a larger side to their face and they tend to age differently. There are nice articles published comparing faces to their digitally manipulated symmetric versions, showing how they are not as attractive as their original asymmetric version. 

During any consultation for facial rejuvenation, we frequently point them out to patients as they commonly are noticed only after the surgery since patients spend more time and look at  their face with more critical eyes. Regarding your eyes unless you have any history of major trauma, or vision problems as a result, I would not recommend a major bony surgery with risk for correction.

If your concern about your nose is related to the width asymmetry, that can be made more symmetric with alar base reduction which is not a high risk surgery.  

Michael Hakimi, MD
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Normal for one eye to be slighty bigger than the other


It appears that one orbital bone may be lower than the other, which is normal asymmetry and cannot be fixed.    From the picture there may be some ptosis on your right eye and this can be addressed through a tightening of the upper lid eye muscle called the levator aponeurosis and Müller’s muscle.  An oculoplastic surgeon usually performs this.

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Asymmetry is normal

Plastic surgeons do not make eyes bigger or smaller to match. All people are slightly asymmetrical. One hand is bigger and one foot is bigger. If you were not made to match how do you expect a mere mortal to do it?

William B. Rosenblatt, MD
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