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I'm 9 Weeks Post Op Following a Face/neck Lift with Significate Pain Around my Ears, Face and Neck (Under Entire Jaw Line)?

I believe it is a combination of nerve pain/swelling. I have severe burning pain all the time around ears, face and neck. IIt's worse on the left... READ MORE

Burning Feeling After Face/neck Lift?

Four months ago I had a face/neck lift and lower eyelids, I look great! However, I still get a burning feeling in my face when exposed to heat (hot... READ MORE

Face red, burning and itchy after facelift?

Had a facelift 7 weeks ago in the US when under going migraine surgery. For the last couple of weeks my skin has become red, itchy and burning it is... READ MORE

Post Facelift, 70 female experiencing severe pain in right ear, burning around neck/head and dizziness When should it pass?

My mother had a facelift to lower face and neck. Sh is 70 she is experiencing severe pain in her right ear, burning around her neck and head and keeps... READ MORE

After Lifestyle Facelift I have the sagging, numbness, stinging, itching and burning. What can I do about this? (photos)

I had my surgery in July, 2013. I have the same sagging jowls and neck that I had before the surgery. I have been left with numbness around my face... READ MORE

I had a deep plane Face lift/brow lift, why do I have this pain? (photos)

Do I have nerve damage? Is something wrong? Will this pain ever go away? It's been two months now and for the past month I've had cronic pain of... READ MORE

Neuroma, entrapped nerve, other?

I have sharp, burning pain on/near a scar (from face lift performed 1.5 years ago ) near the auricular nerve. There is no loss of feeling in my ear... READ MORE

Lower face and necklift 16 months ago..Please help. My neck, chin and face are a mess. (Photos)

Neck/lower face lift 16 mo ago. See pics. Also dents in my cheek w/facial movement and small bumps(pimple size). I have burning in that area at times.... READ MORE

4 - months out from lower face lift and platysmplasty. What would cause the operative sites to feel hard and inflexible?

My skin feels leathery, and my face feels hard in places. There is a lot of tightness with pulling sensations in my neck and around the ears.... READ MORE

Face burning intensely and rashy after facelift?

Update: Facelift done 9 wk ago no peels. GP thought it was an allergy Ive had allergic reactions in the past, he put me on steroids which made... READ MORE

Pain three years after neck and lower facelift

Neck and lower facelift 3 years ago. Pain from the onset and still not resolved. Lots of burning and pulling sensations. External numbness to both... READ MORE

Still clay like numbness on my face over 2 months after facelift. What's going on?

I keep reading that most people's numbness is mild and subsides in a few weeks. I've had no improvement at all. Dense, clay like numbness persists... READ MORE

Burning lower lip and sensitive lower teeth normal after v-line surgeryand SMAS facelift?

I am on Day 13 of recovery after getting v-line surgery and a SMAS facelift. For the past week, my lower lip feels like it's constantly burning (as if... READ MORE

Cannot not stand to wear my glasses 14 months after facelift. Will this ever go away on its own?

14 months after my facelift my ps sent me to a nerve specialist. After getting a lecture from him about having a facelift he prescribed Lyrica for the... READ MORE

2 years post face lift and I have chronic burning pain. What kind of doctor could help?

My sister has been to numerous DRs and all seem to give different meds, gabapentin, hydrocodone, tried acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, nerve... READ MORE

Pain relief for throbbing/burning/pulsing temples 3 months after face and brow lift.

I had brow & face lift 3 months ago. I'm still in intense pain from burning and pulsing in my temples. Also the stitches behind my ears feel like... READ MORE

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