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Is Revision Surgery Possible to Reduce Large Eyelids After Levator Resection Ptosis Surgery? (photo)

I had upper blepharoplasty with supratarsal fixation 8 weeks ago as well as lower eyelid with canthopexy. The crease was set at 8mm and I had levator... READ MORE

Can Raising Just the Lower Eyelid Through a Canthoplasty/midface Lift Have an Effect on the Upper Eyelid Position?

After an upper blepharoplasty my eyes have been rounded unnaturally so i am looking for options to lower my upper eyelid or raise my lower eyelid, Can... READ MORE

I Did Double Eyelid Stitching and the Crease is Too High at 3+wks. Should I Undo/redo? Recovery Time Diff?

I did suture double eyelid stitching and the crease is too high at 3wks3days. Does not look natural at all..May I know the recovery time difference to... READ MORE

If Canthoplasty Looks Unnatural, Why Do It?

I had a bleph and have scleral show and rounding of the eye. Doctors have recommended to me canthoplasty and/or hard palate graft. I am confused... READ MORE

Can I Have Eyelid Surgery Revision and What Would The Costs Be?

Hi,I just make upper eyelids surgery on7 March this year,the doctor make my eyelids too high for me and not natural,I was so sad! He cut many skin for... READ MORE

Unnatural looking crease and sagging skin following upper blephoraplasty. What needs to be done to look more natural? (Photo)

I had upper bleph 6 weeks ago. Whilst the left eye is ok, my right eye looks awful. The crease has remained far too high after surgery and my eye lid... READ MORE

Deep incision. Can revision fix the deepness of the crease?

I had double eyelid surgery 10 days ago and I feel as my crease is too high and the incision looks to deep making my eyes appear unnatural and... READ MORE

Is one of my double eyelid bigger than the other or is it because it has not fully healed yet? (photo)

My crease seems to be bigger than the other. I had a non incisional double eyelid surgery. This is my eyes after 4 months of surgery.  Does... READ MORE

2 weeks out of surgery. Eyelid is extremely high and unnatural. Left crease is 9mm from lash line, right is around 8mm (Photo)

Significant swelling has subsided, I know my eyes will still deswell more with time, but I'm really worried about the unnaturally high crease. Makes... READ MORE

Is this upper eyelid scar normal? (Photos)

I had upper eyelid surgery 28 days ago. I didn't have severe heaviness but I wanted to brighten my eyes up a little. I went to a reputable Dr. but I... READ MORE

Swollen eyelid 7 days post-op for excess skin removal and ptosis. How long will it stay like this? (photo)

Hi i am post surgery on 7th day for excess skin removal and ptosis. I just had my stitch remove today but the crease of the double eyelid is so thick... READ MORE

Myasthenia gravis? Eyelid Cancer? Ptosis? Stye? Help! Please! (photos)

Ive noticed a gradual now abrupt change in my left eye (right in pics). The eyelick looks thicker and more pigmentated. Swollen lookin tho it doesnt... READ MORE

What procedure is right for me? My lower left eye area is not symmetrical with the right lower side (Photos)

My lower left eye area is not symmetrical with the right lower side, especially when I smile. There is a bulge that forms that makes my smile feel... READ MORE

Problems with static blepharoplasty crease 11 weeks post-op, advice? (photos)

I had a blepharoplasty 11wks ago + didn't research the type of creases prior to surgery. I have a static one, which looks great when I am looking... READ MORE

What to do to have a prominent/permanent eyelid crease? (Photo)

I sometimes have eyelid crease but most of the time its semi-mono-lid crease/sometimes it's faint creases to no crease at all. When I tend to make a... READ MORE

Is the anything I can do to reduce swelling and fasten recovery 6 weeks after eyelid surgery? (photos)

I had surgery 6wks ago, bcs I work abroad, now I can't counsel my doctor. I had 4x kenacort injections to reduce swelling esp my right eyelid. During... READ MORE

Lower Lid Surgery 8 months post. Corner distorted & lowered, unnatural left lower eyelid contour & droopy upper eyelid (Photos)

It has been 8 months post lower lid surgery. My left eye corner slower, blunt, and upper lid is droopy especially in the evenings. It feels heavy and... READ MORE

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