Mullerectomy + Eyelid Surgery

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Conjunctivo-mullerectomy Ptosis Surgery

My oculoplastic surgeon said my creased upper eyelids may benefit from.. "conjunctivomullerectomy ptosis surgery" What exactly is... READ MORE

Conjuctival Mullerectomy: When Should I Start Noticing Results?

I had a Mullerectomy and my left upper lid yesterday morning and they used the posterior conjunctival approach. So far, it doesn't really look... READ MORE

Would Eyelid Height Worsen During Mullerectomy Recovery Period?

I had mullerectomy 8 days ago and I was able to see the results a day after the surgery. Unfortunately, while I was asleep 2 days ago, I accidently... READ MORE

Internal Ptosis Repair Surgery?

I set up an appointment with my Oculoplastic Surgeon and I'm in the process of scheduling a date and time for the surgery. It is internal ptosis... READ MORE

Mullerectomy Recovery Time?

I'm having a mullerectomy performed on Aug. 6th. to correct a drooping right eyelid. I work in the food industry (direct face-to-face serving). What... READ MORE

When Do You See Full Results from Mullerectomy?

I had a mullerectomy to correct a subtle ptosis done last week and am approaching my suture removal. Doc said he removed 9mm of muscle. I don't... READ MORE

Is It Risky To Have a 3rd Ptosis Surgery?

I had a levator and mullerectomy surgery, with most recent being 9 months ago and still about 1.5 - 2mm off on the on eye. I know its tough to get it... READ MORE

Revision Surgery After Failed Mullerectomy

I had mullerectomy about 4 weeks ago and the lid maintained a good height for about a week after op then drooped again to the before surgery position... READ MORE

Looks like I still have ptosis. What can be done or should anything be done? (photos)

I had conjunctival mullerectomy performed by an oculoplastic surgeon exactly 2 months ago on my left eyelid. He said that I had acquired ptosis from... READ MORE

Red Bruise Below Eyelid After Mullerectomy

My family member developed a big red and black bruise below her eyelid 12 hours after mullerectomy. The bruise increased in size within 2 hours and... READ MORE

I Would Like to Have a Muellerectomy to Repair a Drooping Eyelid but Am Very Anxious About Irritation Caused by the Sutures?

I have a droopy eyelid and have found a good oculoplastic surgeon who recommends that I have a Muellerectomy to repair it. While I have confidence in... READ MORE

How long does it take to see results after a Mullerectomy? (photo)

I had a mullerectomy almost 3 weeks ago my ptosis was 2mm . The first week after the surgery I started to see results but now I see that my eyelid... READ MORE

Is Mullerectomy an Option After Levator Resection Relapse Post Op 2 Years?

I also did the ice test and noticed an elevation of both lids, does that mean I have ocular myasthenia gravis? I have no other symptoms other than... READ MORE

Recovery After R Mullerectomy: Has Resuming my Workouts Hindered my Recovery or is This Still Considered Within Normal Limits?

I had a right mullerectomy 4 weeks ago. My surgeon was satisfied with results 1 week post op and thought the residual ptosis would improve in the next... READ MORE

I had a mullerectomy exactly 2 months ago. What happened to my eyelid ? (photo)

I had a mullerectomy exactly 2 months ago a day after the surgery my eyelid was almost perfect but out of nowhere it just drooped again . I went to my... READ MORE

Why does ptosis repair cause eyes to become drier?

I am contemplating having ptosis repair by Muellerectomy but am concerned about my eyes becoming drier. I'm trying to decide whether to have the... READ MORE

Is it possible to have permanent blurry vision after a mullerectomy?

I am 12 days out from my surgery for a slight drooping of the right eyelid caused by a 2nd strabismus surgery 4 yrs ago. So far, it looks like a... READ MORE

My conjuctivo-muellerectomy seems to have failed. What should my next step be?

I had my left-eye ptosis corrected about three years ago via a conjunctivo-muellerectomy and, while it seemed to correct the issue some at the time,... READ MORE

Swelling have returned after 30 day surgery?

I had a mullerectomy and eye lids done on both lid but just the mullerectomy on the left eye 30 days ago the swelling went away with in two weeks and... READ MORE

Did my Mullerectomy fail? What results should I see by now?

I got a Mullerectomy one week ago, and I feel like it failed. My right lid is about 2-3mm lower than my left and I have not seen any type of... READ MORE

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