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What Should I Use when I Massage Upper Eyelid Scars Scars?

Hi, I had upper eyelid surgery 3 weeks ago. My doctor told me to massage the scars twice a day with Tobradex ointment or vitamin E as he said that I... READ MORE

Why Is There A Lump 2 Weeks Post-Op Lower Blepharoplasty? Should I Massage It? (Photos)

It has been 12 days since my lower blepharoplasty. I'm 33 years old. After my stitches were removed we (PS and I) noticed a lump (ball) under my... READ MORE

What is the Best Treatment for a Soft Tissue Lump Under Eye After Blepharoplasty?

U & L bleph – Healed quickly - stiches out in 1 week. Suddenly, 3 weeks after surgery, a soft tissue lump formed under 1 eye. I saw the... READ MORE

What Are the Chances of Webbing Being Corrected with Scar Massage?

My PS is having me do scar massage with Flucinonide cream. Is there a time limit on having lumpy scars injected? READ MORE

Lump or Cyst After Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty? (photo)

Had surgery done July 16, today is August 25. So it's been almost around 6 weeks. Doctor told me that I need to massage area rigorously, right eye is... READ MORE

Massaging Techniches for Slanted Lower Lids After Upper/lower Bleph

I'm 11 days post-op for upper and lower bleph. my lower lids are slightly slanted at each corner.Can anyone suggest any massaging techniches to... READ MORE

Post Op Massage After Upper Eye Lid Surgery?

Its been a week since my upper lid suegery, my ps removed stiches already two days ago, he instructed me to massage the inner corners my eyes two or... READ MORE

Do Massage and Hot/cold Compresses Help Bumps Along Suture Line Post-bleph; if So, Details Re How I Massage and Apply Hot/cold ?

Do I massage the bumps directly? Do I alternate hot and cold compresses? Should the heat be moist? Is it ok to be using Tobradex on bumps? Surgery was... READ MORE

It's Now 10 Days Post-op Lower Eyelid Surgery, Will Taping or Massage Even Matter? (photo)

I also posted a question on day 6 about my eyes. It is now day 10. Just wondering if it looks better to the trained eyes out there and will taping or... READ MORE

Hard Lump Possibly Under Incision Site After Eyelid Surgery

Hard lump in inner corner of eye i think affecting crease. anyway to rid it? hot compresses & massaging? i'm 1 month post op. how long until it... READ MORE

Has been 3 weeks post op eyelid surgery. Should I massage them, apply scar cream/moisturizer, or just leave them alone?

It has been 3 weeks post opt eye lid surgery. My scars are very red and swollen. They look like small worms on my eye lids. Should I massage them,... READ MORE

Lower Eyelid Pulling Away from Eye After Lower Bleph/mid-face Lift

I'm 3wks postop & have been massaging & streching the tissue to correct this, but am wondering if I'm doing this correctly. What is the best... READ MORE

Does lower eyelid massage help to resolve scar tissue buildup? Would lotemax drops coupled with Vaseline be good ointment?

I had upper and lower eyelid surgery on May 13 (4 weeks ago). My left eye has a small nodule at the outer corner of the lower eyelid. The left Eye... READ MORE

I Have An Extra Crease and Roll of Skin Appear 7 Days Post Op for Upper Bleph, How Can I Get Rid Of This (photo)?

I am one week post op for UB. There is an extra crease and roll of skin forming. Dr. instructed to massage it several times a day. It's hard to... READ MORE

Bumps After Lower Eyelid Laser Blepharoplasty

I am in the unfortunate position of being from the UK and due to return next week, therefore unable to have a follow up. I am after a second opinion... READ MORE

Massaging my Incisions After Upper Eyelid Lift-blepharoplasty?

I am 51 and had my "skin" removed from an upper eyelid lift in which insurance paid. There was a solid amount of skin removed and I experienced a lot... READ MORE

Can Massaging Burst the Fat Capsules in Subcutaneous Tissue?

I have been doing massages around the eye area for a few months and have noticed they have become a little lee plump and fatty. Could the massaging... READ MORE

Massage or not on scars after upper bleph surgery?

Some say to massage the scars, others not? When should one massage a scar? Can you massage in bio Corneium scar gel? How do you message, circular,... READ MORE

"Digital" Eyelid Massage for Overcorrection - Is It Safe?

After ptosis repair, is it recommended NOT to massage the eyelid, because some say that is can "re-stretch" the levator and weaken the... READ MORE

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