Kenalog + Eyelid Surgery

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I have scar tissue following chalazion removal. What are the options?

I have a chalazion that I've had for 8 months and another more recent chalazion removed 3 weeks ago. The swelling has dissipated but there is scar... READ MORE

Does 5-FU Have to Be Mixed with Kenalog to Be Effective?

My understanding is that Kenalog (steroids) can cause tissue atrophy, while 5-FU does not have this risk. Most doctors combine the two. Do they need... READ MORE

Upper Blepharoplasty with cyst like bumps not going away after 9 weeks? Not sure what else to do? (Photo)

I had blepharoplasty done 9 weeks ago, cyst like bumps formed, have had 3 kenalog shots and using silicone scar gel but bumps keep forming and getting... READ MORE

Los Angeles chalazion removal/kenalog/steroid injection price range & questions (Photo)

Can anyone give a rough estimate/price range for chalazion removal or kenalog/steroid injection, without insurance? I live in Los Angeles and my... READ MORE

Lower Blepharoplasty to Remove Fat. The Doctor Didn't Remove the Fat?

I paid for a lower bleph to remove fat for puffiness under the eyes.Puffiness worse even after 6 months.He said to be patient,since I was 70 and had a... READ MORE

What are the next steps for resolving a chalazion that has been operated on twice? Is Kenalog an option for dark skin? (Photo)

Developed eyelid infection in May. First ophtho prescribed ocuflox; possibly allergic. Swelling resolved slowly; had grape side lump on eyelid. Lump... READ MORE

Chalazion Scar Tissue. Will a steroid or Kenalog shot do the trick? (photos)

So far, I've been to one ophthalmologist who recommended surgery. Based on some research, it looks like many times surgery is recommended because it's... READ MORE

Small discolored light spot appeared 3 days post steroid injection post upper blepharoplasty incision- will this resolve?(photo)

4 months post upper blepharoplasty..healing slowly due to history of underlying autoimmune disease. Had bumps form after resuturing of dehiscence that... READ MORE

Will getting a kenalog or steroid shot help this bump after a chalazion excision? Or will 2nd excision be needed? (photo)

I had a Chalazion on my upper left eye lid for about 6 months. I had an excision done in June, the size of the bump as of today has only gone down... READ MORE

Is it safe to inject kenalog into eyelids?

One of my eyelids is thicker than the other, therefore making my eyes uneven. Can I inject the thicker eyelid with kenalog/cortisone? Yes, I know... READ MORE

Steriod shot to soften/release scar tissue for lower lid retraction, now hollow eye. Did oculoplastic surgeon over inject?

I'm dealing with retraction of my right lower lid post blepharoplasty. After losing confidence in my original surgeon I sought out an oculoplastic... READ MORE

Follow-up: Is kenalog injection a good non-invasive alternative to slim down thick eyelids?

One of my eyelids is thicker than the other. It isn't Ptosis because my vision isn't blocked at all. Surgery has its complications and is usually the... READ MORE

Do I need correctional surgery to fix this and when would it be optimal for best result? (photos)

I had lower bleph Nov 2016, after first month my dr started two rounds of hydralonidase and one kenalog shot to right eye bag because it was still... READ MORE

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