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Drooping Left Eyelid? (photo)

Hello all. I have a droopy eyelid over my left eye whenever I wake in the morning if I am drinking alcohol. I was taking pred forte for 6-7 months for... READ MORE

The Corner of my Left Eye is Irritating Me and a Bit of a Pain As Well?

It all started around two months ago. I woke up in the morning and I had a deep pain in my left eye corner. At that time it wasn't irritating. I... READ MORE

3 Months After Upper Blepharoplasty, Scars R Irritated and Red, Oc - What is the Best Cream, Treatment? (photo)

3 months after upper blepharoplasty, scars are irritated and red, occasionally when squint - hurts a little. recently started itching..Problem is the... READ MORE

My Eyeballs Feel "Cold" and Irritated All the Time 5 Months After Lower Bleph.

I had transcutaneous lower bleph 5 months age, with a very long recovery! My lower lids are now slightly lower than prior to surgery. I am 49yo,... READ MORE

Is It Uncommon to Have Watery Eyes 6 Months After an Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty?

Is it uncommon to have watery eyes 6 months after an upper eyelid blepharoplasty and canthopexy ? Not too bad indoors but a real problem outside with... READ MORE

2 Weeks Post Blepharoplasty Scleral Show, Used Steri-strips to Tape the Eye, but Its Still Irritated and Teary, Options? (photo)

If the eye is taped correctly ( I am not sure it is), how often should I re-tape , because steri-strips are pretty tough? Anything I could do to... READ MORE

Eye Irritation Following Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty?

I had upper and lower blepharoplasty on April 12th. It is April 18th and I am progressing with some bruising and swelling, but the eye irritation is... READ MORE

One Eye Won't Close 19 Days Post Op Upper Blepharoplasty? (photo)

I had an upper bleph 19 days ago, and one eye is healing quite well. The other eye has not closed since the day of surgery. There is approximately... READ MORE

1 year post op of blepharoplasty, I have asymmetrical and sunken hollow eyes. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

I had blepharoplasty a year ago that caused asymmetrical and sunken hollows eyes. My PS did fat grafting 4 months ago to correct the hollows and to... READ MORE

I'm 33 y/o male. 2 years ago I noticed my left eyelid drooping. What treatment would you recommend for eyelid ptosis? (photos)

I am a 33 y/o male. Approximately 2 years ago I noticed my left eyelid drooping. It gets significantly worse the more tired I am and when... READ MORE

Can Eye Irritation Casue a Scleral Show?

I went to my ophthalmologist today and I asked him to check my lower lid because I thought I had a scleral show because my lower eyelid was droopy on... READ MORE

A Week Ago I Had my Eyes Done, Upper and Lower. Today I Had my Stitches Removed? (photo)

My main concern is that my eyes have become dry and irritated. Is it normal and what can I do to feel better? READ MORE

Lower Lid Massage - Am I Doing It Correctly?

I had lower lid bleph 10 wks ago. If I look straight ahead the iris sits on the lid; if I drop my chin or look up the white of my right eye under the... READ MORE

How Can Pain be Relieved AFter Lower Blepharplasty?

I have pain on one side of my face recently after Lower Blepharoplasty 5 Wks. ago.  The pain is a 3-4 at times and the area about 1/2 in. below... READ MORE

Opthalmologist Stated I Needed 4-way Lid Surgery but Medicare Denied?

Have constant eye infections. Recently Opthalmologist told me I need surgery on upper/lower lids as they're turning inward causing constant... READ MORE

Will I need skin grafting after undergoing an aggressive bleph? (photos)

Had bleph in February 2014, too much skin removed (4mm to be exact) hence cannot completely close my eyelids at rest causing severe dry eye and... READ MORE

I had CO2 laser upper, lower bleph and cheek lift 8 weeks ago. How much longer will complications listed below last? (photo)

My eyes are red,very irritated and glassy looking. It feels like I have a hair inside my eye lids at all times. One eye droops due to scar tissue. I'm... READ MORE

I have an extra fold in my right eyelid that becomes red and irritated, with an obvious red crease and itchiness. What can I do?

I asked dermatologist about this problem and she said that I have an extra skin fold and that I should keep it dry . i have tried that., she also told... READ MORE

I Have Very Big Eyes and Small Iris. My Eyes Get Easily Irritated. What to Do?

Hello I have extremely big and open eyes my actual iris is very small, my eyes also get irritated due to the air and minor things that get in it, my... READ MORE

Irritation in Left Eye 4 Weeks After Lower Bleph

I had a lower Bleph done 4 weeks ago and am experiencing conjunctival swelling and a feeling of something in my eye. This is happening in the outer... READ MORE

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