Infection + Eyelid Surgery

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Eye area swollen up badly & suddenly on blowing my nose after hit by door?

Day before yesterday I got hit by door in eye area, it swelled up a little and was paining. Then i slept for 3 hours, i went to basin, blew my nose,... READ MORE

The Corner of my Left Eye is Irritating Me and a Bit of a Pain As Well?

It all started around two months ago. I woke up in the morning and I had a deep pain in my left eye corner. At that time it wasn't irritating. I... READ MORE

How Can I Distinguish Between Swelling and Infection Post Lower Lid Blepharoplasty? (photo)

The swelling looks almost like a huge blister. I'm watching for the color red, and so far I don't see any more than the other very less swollen eye. READ MORE

Each Eye Looks Different After Eye Lift

Had eye cosmetic eye surg a week ago. right eye's lid is sewn strange/left infected? 1.upper and lower eyelids look very different - puffy and lax... READ MORE

Upper Eyelid Surgery Infection 4 Days Post Op?

I had bilateral blepharoplasty done 4 days ago and developed an infection 2 days post op. The new antibiotics are working...thank God. I get the... READ MORE

Swollen and Bruised Lower Eyelid?

I just recently (monday) had an eyesurgery on my lower lid to remove an infection, my eyelid is now puffy and bruised like a purple red color it also... READ MORE

Re. Canthal Webbing after upper eye lid surgery. (photo)

I got an infected stitch in my left eye which took 10 days to heal. Now I´m left with extreme webbing which I have been massaging with Dermatix. ... READ MORE

Is it Possible that I Have an Infection After Transconjectival Eyelid Surgery with Fat Transfer? (photo)

I had undergone transconjectival eye lid surgery with fat grafting & implant before 5 years. Recently (since last 15days), I developed swelling... READ MORE

Blethoplasty Question, my Surgeon Here in Indonesia Says He Only Does from the Outside As Less Chance of Infection? (photo)

The sugeon i have found here in Bali, indonesia. (german trained), only does external incisions for lower blethoplasty as he feels less chance of... READ MORE

I have an infection in the upper eyelid I had surgery a week ago, how long is it going take to heal? (photos)

As you can see from the pictures I'm having a very difficult recovery. I had surgery one week ago and I'm very depressed and hurt by my results, I had... READ MORE

Mycobacterial Infection after Blepharoplasty - Dealing with Scars & Ectropion Crater on upper cheek and a droopy eyelid (photo

Last December I experienced an mycobacterial infection (upper check & lower eyelid) after blepharoplasty. I was treated for 9 mnths on broad spectrum... READ MORE

Upper Bleph 6 Months Ago, Cysts and Infections, Should I Return to the Same Doc?

I had an upper bleph 6 months ago, not without complications i.e.cysts and infections. Do I now return to the doc to have him re-do or do I find... READ MORE

Why Do I Have Discharge and Warmth To The Touch After Upper Eyelid Surgery?

I had bilateral eyelift surgery two days ago. My eyes are warm to the touch and when I apply ice lots of discharge is coming out. Pretty sure I'm... READ MORE

What Can You Do for my Eyelid?

I had my upper eyelids done about 14 months ago but the doctor cut too much from my right eye which caused it to be more "pulled",so regularly there... READ MORE

I Had an Upper and Lower Blephroplasty Done 3.5 Weeks Ago and Have Had Some Complications? (photo)

I had an infection that was treated with antiobitics 3 days post op and have medial webbing in the same eye. ( it does not look too bad but feels very... READ MORE

I had double eyelids surgery using dissolvable sutures. Is this an infection? If I have a revision, can bump be removed? (photo)

I did my eyelids a year ago. My doc used dissolvable sutures n there was this small bump on my lid which did not go away. Doc said to wait for it to... READ MORE

Eyelid Surgery Problem?

I had two eyelid surgeries but both failed(both eyelids are not symmetrical),doctor removed too much skin from eyelid during my second eyelid surgery... READ MORE

Ptosis - Planned Third Surgery?

I have done ptosis surgery for the first time with a sling on left, and had to take it out because of an infections. the second time i had a graft... READ MORE

I Had What I Was Told Was a Conservative Upper Eye Lift 3 Months Ago. I Developed a Bad Eye Infection?

I was treated with drops. It is 3 months later and both eyes do not shut completely. My corneas are irritated and my eys are dry. I used to wear... READ MORE

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