Botched + Eyelid Surgery

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Should a Patient with Botched Surgical Results, Be Required to Pay for a Revision Surgeon?

Should a patient with botched plastic eye and brow lift be required to repay the surgeon for a revision? READ MORE

Do You Have Financial Recourse with a Surgeon Who Does Poor Surgery?

If you have had surgery from a plastic surgeon (blepharoplasty) that has left you with problems-(droopy eyelids and eye bags still visible) that an... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendations to Fix Botched Blepharoplasty

Too much skin removed doing eye lid blemp. Sensitive under lid tissue exposed to environment. I am in need of a eyelid facial plastic surgeon who can... READ MORE

What Went Wrong with my Brow Lift and Upper and Lower Lift to Cause Such Problems? Dr. Refuses to Acknowledge the Problems.

I had both upper and lower eye lid surgery done and brow lift 3 months ago. I am now left with indentations over each brow, along with furrows between... READ MORE

I Need Urgent Advice For Botched Botox on Right Eye and Botched Blepharoplasty to Left Eye? (photo)

Plz..I Need an Urgent  Advice for my Bad Results of Botox to my Rt.eye + a Bad Blepharoplasty to my Lft.eye. An Urgent Ans. Pls. READ MORE

I Had Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery 1 Year Ago. Eyes Are Inflamed, Irritated, Round. How To Revise?

My eyes are inflamed and irritated and round now, with scars on each outer end of each eyes and blunted. My eyes look unattractive now, and I was... READ MORE

I have uneven eyes, botched fat transfer, collapsed chin and jawline, cheek muscles ripped from face, brow muscles gone. (photo)

I went to Dr. Kun Kim due to problem with ptosis. Dr. Kim suggested a blepharoplasty for the extra skin on my eyelids. I thought I also needed a brow... READ MORE

I had an upper eyelid surgery. I do not look anything like my old self! Should I panic? Please advise. (Photo)

I had my upper eyelid surgery five days ago because I look tired. Basically, the surgeon cut out the "saggy" skin and closed the gap onto my natural... READ MORE

Is my double eyelid surgery botched? (Photo)

I had a double eyelid surgery done three months ago, was supposed to be low creases. When the doctor drew them, the lines looked uneven and I pointed... READ MORE

Is it a botched job if I have multiple creases appeared after upper eyelid surgery, and uneven eyelids? (Photo)

After 6 weeks post-op upper eyelids surgery, I noticed that my left eyelid is bigger than my right eyelid. They don't look equal. Several creases... READ MORE

Botched eyes, looking for a doctor to redo the surgery (Photo)

Hello, my eyes has been botched as a result of bad blepharoplasty. my eyes look horrible. Is there anyone ho had the same problem and if so, can you... READ MORE

I had a botched eyelid surgery. Can you recommend a great doctor in Connecticut for a revision surgery? (Photo)

I had an upper and lower eyelid surgery almost 3 months ago. I hate the results very much, the doctor did a horrible job! I have a very long scars... READ MORE

Botched blepharoplasty reconstruction needed. (photos)

The eye length is shorter and pulled down on the top. I'm just so disgusted with how they look. What needs to be done to get them back to normal.... READ MORE

What can be done to botched reconstructive eye surgery using canthopexy w implants lowerlid. Right eye upper pulls open. (photo)

Upper lid now draws tight that raises outside corner and eyebrow dropped. Causing horrible pain and pull on nerve that controls blink. Pain goes up... READ MORE

What should be done to correct botched eyelid surgery? (Photos)

I just had upper eye lid surgery,, My right eye is a mess. he removed way to much skin. he didn't cut along the crease as he should, Then Left the... READ MORE

I had upper & lower bleph a month ago and my eyes are pulling down. What do I do? (Photo)

I feel my upper and lower bleph have both been botched, what do I do?. The surgeon said she tightened the muscle and didn't remove any skin. READ MORE

I don't know what to do about incredibly botched ptosis surgery, what are my options?

Had consult about suspected eye deviation, but told there was no misalignment, only ptosis. Informed separate ptosis consult of potentially... READ MORE

Is there any dr that can rectify a botched bleph proceeded by nine lasers? I am devastated! (Photo)

Had lower bleph.Plastic surgeon removed all fat and and tried to rectify by Lazers nine times under eyes. I was advised that surgery could do more... READ MORE

Botched job done or is it just the swelling ? (Photo)

Hi, I have just gotten an non incisional eyelid surgery done about a week ago. After the surgery, I immediately realized my right eye stitches were... READ MORE

How can I find a good surgeon to fix my botched eyes?

Hello, my eyes has been botched as a result of bad blepharoplasty. my eyes look horrible. Is there anyone ho had the same problem and if so, can you... READ MORE

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