Age 65-74 + Eyelid Surgery

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Do I Need Someone to Stay with Me After Eyelid Surgery? I'm 70 and Live Alone.

Live a lone and in my 70's and need upper eyelid surgery to improve vision. READ MORE

Are Incisions in Wrinkles in the Forehead Normal in Browlifts? (photo)

I am a 70 yo woman, getting a blepharoplasty and an eyebrow lift. I have a receding, thinning hairline and the surgeon plans to make the incisions in... READ MORE

Bilateral Temporal Brow Lift vs. Upper Lid Blepharoplasty? (photo)

I have excess skin under my brows and have been to two doctors for consultation. One is recommending a Bilateral Temporal Brow Lift and the other... READ MORE

Can a 74-year-old with High Blood Pressure Have Eyelid Surgery?

Upper eyelid surgery for the people of age 74 and with high blood pressure is possible? My dad has got right eyelid drooping problem since he was... READ MORE

What Can Be Causing a Foreign Body Sensation After Blephorplasty?

Dearest Doctors, Dad is 65yo. He had upper and lower bleph approx a year ago without complications and seemed to heal well. However, over the last few... READ MORE

Lower lid hollow and rounded, would AlloDerm give good results? (photo)

I am in my late 60's and have hollows in my lower eyelids and some rounding due to a previous surgery that was done many years ago (the doctor has... READ MORE

Severe Ptosis is Eyelid Surgery an Option for my 74 Year Old Mother? (photo)

Looking for Dr. who can perform surgery on severe ptosis patient. READ MORE

How Long Should I Wait to Fix Lower Eyelid Drooping After Blepharoplasty?

Can drooping of the lower eyelid be repaired as a result of recent upper & lower eyelid  surgery? I am a 65 year old woman. I had upper and... READ MORE

Will an eye lift cause my brows to drop down?

Ive been told by a couple of docs that I need a brow lift and upper and lower eyelift while others didnt mention a browlift. In 67 and I dont want to... READ MORE

I Have Hypothyroidism; is Eyelid Surgery Right For Me?

I am a 70 year old male with a right lazy eye. In doing research on the pros and cons, I came across an article where it shared that candidates may be... READ MORE

After 2 weeks post op upper and lower eye lid surgery. Is this normal? (Photo)

I am concerned about the lumps and bumps that are lingering mostly on the side of each eye. For a 66 year old female, is thus normal? Should I be worried? READ MORE

Can this be corrected at 74 years of age? (photos)

Double sagging eye lids and loose skin and minimal fat on the lowers. Is it too late? READ MORE

Iam 67 Years Old. Had Eyebrw Lify, Malar Lift 11/2010 with Complications, Is This Normal?

2 months post surgery I started severe spasm of my lower and upper eye lids. Also I feel spasm of the side of my face that resoles with mild massage ... READ MORE

What can be done to botched reconstructive eye surgery using canthopexy w implants lowerlid. Right eye upper pulls open. (photo)

Upper lid now draws tight that raises outside corner and eyebrow dropped. Causing horrible pain and pull on nerve that controls blink. Pain goes up... READ MORE

I'm considering an eyelift and have found two doctors that have excellent credentials. Who should I choose?

One would use a local with iv sedation, the other would use general anesthesia. I am 65, no obvious health problems, which would be preferable. READ MORE

What are pros and cons re blepharoplasty on using a scalpel vs laser? (Photo)

I'm 68 and have droopy lids. Likely best to do both upper and lower although I do not have much bags on lower. Is sedation best for surgery when doing... READ MORE

Why a vertical incision?

My husband, then age 74 and on Medicare, had surgery to reduce excess upper eyelid tissue to improve his vision. The surgeon made an incision from... READ MORE

Irregular eyes after eyelid surgery. unhappy for now! Any suggestions?

I had upper and lower eyelid surgery on 8/26/15, just over 6 weeks ago. The lowers were cosmetic. Friends and family say something looks odd,... READ MORE

I'm 5 weeks post upper blepharoplasty, and I still have swelling. Would less salt help?

Dr, had me 2 slacks, steroid cream that's it still swelling I am 65 yrs. old. Can I do anything else? Ice/warm compresses? Exercise? Still sleep... READ MORE

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