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Why Are my Eyes Different Sizes?

I'm in my late 30s but I only started noticing a few years ago that my eyes are shaped differently and uneven. Looking back at old photos I... READ MORE

Will my Eyes Look Normal Again After Upper & Lower Blepharoplasty?

I am 41 years old, and had upper and lower eyelids done 11 days ago. I have visible scars at the sides of my eyes under my eyebrow. I feel like I look... READ MORE

Blepharoplasty or Filler in the Tear Trough?

I HATE my under eye bags. They are genetic. I want to have them fixed. My aunt had it done but 10 yrs. later she has hollow, sunken orbital area. ... READ MORE

Swollen Bags After Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty

I am 39 years old. I had a lower eyelid Blepharoplasty done 2 weeks ago. My tear troughs were apparent and also the bags above. Im only two weeks into... READ MORE

Eyelid Surgery or Fillers First for Tired-looking Eyes?

I am a 43-year-old female that over the last 6 - 8 months have seen a noticeable change in my eyes. Puffiness, drooping eyelids and heavier... READ MORE

Options for Under Eye Bags Caused by Muscle Hypertrophy?

Hi, This has been a problem since I was a little girl, now I'm 40 and want to improve the appearance of my under eye bags, whether it is with surgery... READ MORE

Trying to Decide Between Madonna Eye Lift or Blepharoplasty? (photo)

Hello. I am a 38 yr old woman that is trying to decide between having upper and lower blepharoplasty or the co2 factal laser. I am also struggling... READ MORE

Does Eye Asymmetry Become More Pronounced As We Age? (photo)

I've noticed increasing eye asymmetry over the past 2 yrs (I'm 35 now). I'm developing eye bags under my left eye (L), but not under my right eye (R).... READ MORE

Filler Under my Eyes After a Blepharoplasty and Laser Surgery?

Or is there other options to help me? Im a 36 year old female who decided to get a few wrinkles out of the way...nothing to severe.... READ MORE

Help for Saggy Eyelids and Under Eye Wrinkles? Will a Liquid Eyelift Help or Do I Need More? (photo)

Hi there! I am 42 years old. I have had some mild sagging of the upper eyelid for a few years now and recently I have been noticing alot of... READ MORE

Recommendations for Tired Eyes?

I'm 38, I have pictures attached, I have sun damage and a tired look. I'm really bothered by my tired look under my eyes, and I want my laugh lines... READ MORE

Transconjunctival Blepharoplasty Recovery Recommendations?

Hello, I am going to see a plastic surgeon tomorrow about under eye bags. The fat is bulging and causing dark lines and a tired appearance. If he... READ MORE

On my left eyelid I have a swollen vein & when I touch it its not soft , why this is happening & what is the solution? (photo)

Hi Im 36 years old and on my left eyelid I have one vein that is swollen and when I touch it its not soft ,I went to gp and they told me I have to... READ MORE

What to Do About Festoons Left After 2 Eyelid Surgeries?

I have had under eye surgery twice to remove festoons. Neither worked. Now what? I am only 41 and had my first surgery at 35 on both the upper and... READ MORE

Can Pulling the Lower Eye Lid Cause Sagging?

I am a 37 year old male. I recently had an eye infection and the doctor pulled my eye lid down for perhaps a good 6-8 seconds to check the infection.... READ MORE

Looking for a Skilled Oculoplastic Surgeon in the Vancouver Area - Canada?

I was diagnosed with bilateral upper ptosis. That's due to genetics - bedroom eyes and ageing. I'm in my 40s. I find it quite tiring to raise my... READ MORE

When Can I Have Blepharoplasty After Being off Accutane?

I am a 36 year old female. I have been taking Accutane for about one and half months and will stop taking it at the end of 2 month, early to mid March... READ MORE

Gold Eyelid Weights

I have trouble getting my eyelids fully closed. Doing internet research I have found information about a problem callled lagophthalmos. If this is... READ MORE

Best solutions for puffiness/bags under eyes when smiling and thick skin on upper eye lids (35, F)? (Photo)

I am 35 and just recently noticed the appearance of puffiness/bags under my eyes only when I smile. Over the past few years, the skin on my upper... READ MORE

Is this Xanthelasma or Milia or something else entirely? (photos)

Hello, I am a 41 year old male and for the past few years I have had this little "lump" on the top of my left eyelid. It is kinda hard, but it does... READ MORE

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