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Which is More Effective, Exilis or the New Thermage?

I have read a lot of doctor's opinions here on Ulthera being better than Thermage, but what about Exilis vs Thermage for tightening of the face (not... READ MORE

Exilis Ultra vs Exilis Elite. What is the difference?

What is the difference between Exilis Ultra and Exilis Elite? Is one more effective than the another one? Or there is an equivalence in terms of... READ MORE

Accent Vs Exilis?

What is the most effective treatment for cellulite/skin tightening/non-surgical fat reduction. I understand that both Accent and Exilis claim to... READ MORE

What is More Effective, Exilis or Coolsculpt for Outer Thigh Fat?

What is more effective for excess fat on the outer thighs, Exilis or Coolsculpt? READ MORE

What's the Difference Between Exilis and Lipo Laser?

Hello, I was just wondering the difference of Exilis and Lipo Laser I know that exilis will also not help reduce stubborn fat but also help with skin... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Vaser and Exilis?

What is the Difference Between Vaser and Exilis? READ MORE

Cellulaze or Exilis for Volume Loss?

I see a lot of positive feedback regarding smoothing but no mention of slimming effect. I'm considering either Exilis or Cellulaze for very... READ MORE

For chin/neck skin tightening should I use LaserLite Tx system or Exilis offered at my current plastic surgeon's office?

I'm a 22 year old male. I do regular cardio, eat a low cal diet, and am overall physically am in good shape. However, I am not happy with my jaw line... READ MORE

Does metal inside one's body permit for Exilis, Coolsculpting or Vanquish treatments?

I have had a spinal fusion with titanium pedicle screws from L1-S1. I also have a permanent metal retainer in my mouth and want to get rid of a double... READ MORE

What to choose for wrinkled abdomen: Exilis or RF Contrage?

I am in shape and perfect weight, but I have my abdomen a bit wrinkled due to pregnancies (two big wrinkles and some small wrinkles around belly). I... READ MORE

Can liposuction with Exilis help instead of a tummy tuck?

Can liposuction with exilis help instead of a tummy tuck? READ MORE

Exilis and/or Thermage - reason to do both?

I'm interested in non-invasive skin tightening on the tummy, arms and legs. After having lost a significant amount of weight, there is loose skin that... READ MORE

$ for $ what is best for abdominal skin laxity WITHOUT fat removal. Exilis? Profound? Ultherapy? Thermitight?

Dollar for dollar what is best for abdominal skin laxity WITHOUT fat removal. Exilis handpiece? Profound? Ultherapy? Thermitight? READ MORE

Exilis Vs Cavitation RF Slimming Machines for Fat Loss, Skin Tightening. Recommendations?

Re: exilis. I am currently receiving exilis treatments. My question is, I have seen portable machines for sale in foreign countries called Cavitation... READ MORE

Exilis VS LPG for loose skin and cellulite and extra fat?

I have some extra fat and loose skin from losing weight on my arms, stomach & thighs. I also have cellulite on my lower body. Is exilis or LPG a... READ MORE

Radiofrequency vs Infrared for skin tightening. Is there less risk of dents/delineation with one vs the other?

Radiofrequency (Exilis, Infini) Vs Infrared (Titan, Skintyte) for skin tightening. Is there less risk of dents/delineation with one vs the other? READ MORE

For skin tightening alone is Ultherapy better than Exilis Ultra which is RF and ultrasound?

Is there something about RF heat specifically that helps tighten skin? Or is ultrasound heat better for skin tightening alone (without fat reduction)? READ MORE

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