Sleep + Ear Surgery

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One Ear Protrude from Folding when Sleeping?

Hi. when i sleep on my side, my ear always folds back against the pillow and my head and now my right ear in the upper portion sticks out.... my left... READ MORE

Could Ears Change Shape From Wearing Noise Protection? (photo)

Because of noisy neighbors for the past few years I have worth gun-range style ear protection occasional to bed. Is it possible wearing these while... READ MORE

Can sleeping on your ear make it stick more out? (photo)

The ear on my right side (see picture), sticks a little more out than the one on the left. I guess this is a normal variant - is it? But most... READ MORE

Sleeping after otoplasty?

I had otoplasty done 4 months ago and was just curious if I should still be sleeping on my back or using something like a sidesleeper that has an ear... READ MORE

Is there a way to fix prominent ears without surgery?

I am in my early teens and my ears really upset me. I can never wear my hair up without feeling self conscious. I read that wearing a headband when... READ MORE

How long can I sleep on my ear after an otoplasty?

I had an otoplasty 3 weeks ago and i was wondering when is it safe to sleep on my ear? READ MORE

I had my ears pinned back yesterday and had no sleep last night, due to me trying to sleep on my back. Can I sleep on my side?

Is it possible to sleep on my side even though I have a huge bandage around my head? Will if not affect my results or cause any problems if I try and... READ MORE

Had otoplasty done 2 months ago, fell asleep on ear and now it's swollen, red and hot. What do I do to feel better? (Photo)

Had otoplasty done 12/17/15 and must've fallen asleep wrong on my ear on Feb. 11, 2016. Ear is swollen, red & hotelier since. Please help! Should I... READ MORE

Otoplasty, my left ear is starting to come out & still bleeds. Can this be solved w/out a further operation. Suggestion? (photo)

I had otoplasty done 16 days ago and over these last few days my left ear has come out. It doesn't look horribly different to my right ear, but there... READ MORE

Sleeping on the side after otoplasty?

Hi.I had an otoplasty on my left ear two months ago.I was wearing a headband at night for the first month.I was wondering can i sleep on my side or... READ MORE

Four days ago i had otoplasty and today my right eye its swollen.

I also am so discomfort , cant sleep because of the terrible pain and also because its impossible to sleep with this headband. Is this all normal . My... READ MORE

Same day of otoplasty surgery, I accidentally slept on my left side (not on purpose), should I worry?

Same day of otoplasty surgery, I accidentally slept on my left side (not on purpose), because of the numbness I didn't feel pain. Should I worry that... READ MORE

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