6 Weeks Post-op + Ear Surgery

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Bad Swelling 6 Weeks After Otoplasty?

I had an otoplasty procedure 6 weeks ago, and everything looks great. I'm happy with my results but the back of my left ear is still very swollen. I... READ MORE

Getting Hit on the Ear After Otoplasty?

It has been 7 weeks since the otoplasty procedure so I resumed my contact sports. Well I got hit with the ball and got elbowed pretty hard on my ear.... READ MORE

After Bilateral Otoplasty, There's an Extra Fold in Conchal Bowels in Both Ears? Is This Permanent?

My daughter had Bilateral Otoplasty done about 6 weeks ago and she has an extra fold in Conchal Bowels in both ears? are they permanent or will the... READ MORE

Otoplasty, I Didn't Wear Bandages, is That Normal?

I did otoplasty 1.5 months ago in China and doctor didn't put any bandages on me, even when I asked about it, she said there is no need. My ears look... READ MORE

How Long Do I Need to Wait for a New Otoplasty? (photo)

Hei. Sorry for my bad English. Im just wondering how long i need to wait for a new otoplasty. its been 6 week since my otoplasty and my ear stick out... READ MORE

Otoplasty Results, Protruding Cartilage?

Hi, I had an otoplasty operation around 7 weeks ago . I have a piece of cartilage that "spikes" out on one side. I don't think there is any swelling... READ MORE

I did otoplasty about six weeks ago and I'm not really satisfied with the results. Do I Need Revision Otoplasty? (photo)

I did otoplasty about six weeks ago and I'm not really satisfied with the results. I find myself looking in the mirror again and again and not being... READ MORE

Otoplasty Asymmetry?

Hi, I had otoplasty six weeks ago. One side has an upper portion which comes out slightly whereas the other side tucks in. My main concern though is... READ MORE

Otoplasty Massage Therapy - will it relax the cartilage or the suture to make the right ear fall into a better position?

I had an otoplasty (1 1/2 month ago) and the position of one ear (right) is closer to head and make it look like is in a higher and little bit forward... READ MORE

Post surgery, ear has these weird thing in the ear bowl. Need advice if it is a swelling or I need a corrective surgery? (photo)

I had performed otoplasty 6 weeks ago. As seen in the pics, the ear has now developed a disfiguration over the ear bowl. I was told this is a swelling... READ MORE

Antihelix has changed shape after otoplasty. Why has this happened? (Photo)

I had my otoplasty around 6 weeks ago now and have noticed the anithelix on my left ear protrudes beyond the helix which is making my left ear look a... READ MORE

Otoplasty over correction : fix technique?

I am within the 6 week period of having an otoplasty done... One ear is way too tight to my head. It needs to come out maybe 2-3mm, to look... READ MORE

Pain and tightness 6 weeks after otoplasty. What could it be? (photos)

Six weeks ago I had cartilage excision and permanent stitches put in. I only started removing my headband during the day about 10 days ago (and still... READ MORE

Redness around stitches(?) after weight lifting (photo)

Had my otoplasty 6 weeks ago and I went to the gym thinking I would be fine. Since yesterday it has been bothering me a little behind one of ears... READ MORE

Six Weeks After Otoplasty my Right Ear Slightly Paining?

My right ear slightly paining 6weeks after otoplasty.all time its paining slightly .6 weeks after only it started paining now 8 week is over still... READ MORE

6 Weeks After Otoplasty Ears Sticking out Again, what should I do or is it too soon to judge? (photos)

I got my procedure done may 9th my issue is that I had was that at the top my ears were pointed like a elf but now that I have all my stitches out it... READ MORE

How Long Should One Wait After an Otoplasty to Use One's Ear Cartilage for Revision Rhinoplasty?

I had an otoplasty about a month and a half ago. More than a year has passed since my last rhinoplasty. How long before I can use my own ear cartilage... READ MORE

What is this and can I fix it myself? (Photo)

This is my ear 6 weeks after an ear pinning operations. This ear has been a nightmare and is still not the same as the other ear. Its has 3 operations... READ MORE

How long to use anabolic steroids after otoplasty?

Hi, I had otoplasty 6 weeks ago. Only cartilage was removed from both ears. They have recovered fine apart from very slight swelling in the right ear ... READ MORE

6 weeks post op otoplasty, and my ears are not pinned back equally. What can I do? (Photo)

I had otoplasty about six weeks ago and notice my right ear bends out more then my left ear. Do you think this is normal or do you think the surgeon... READ MORE

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