1 Year Post-op + Ear Surgery

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My Ears Are a Different Shape to One Another After Otoplasty, Can This Poor Result Be Revised? (photo)

I had surgery 12 months ago to correct protruding ears but I am unhappy with the results. Previously my ears were the same shape but now the antihelix... READ MORE

Otoplasty Revision Procedure? (photo)

I had an Otoplasty 1year ago & the surgeon overcorrected my ears by removing too much cartilage. He says he can correct them (but seems reluctant... READ MORE

Otoplasty Uneven Post Op 1 Year?

I had otoplasty about a year ago, and I was happy with the results for about 4 months. Then however, it seemed that one ear was progressively starting... READ MORE

How Long Will the Stiffness Last?

I had Otoplasty ear pinning exactly one year ago and my ears are still stiff, is that normal? also the result is not what i expected, since the... READ MORE

What is the Problem Behind my Ear? (photo)

Hi, about a year ago I did an otoplasty (right ear only) and I have notice that I have a bump on the top right of my ear. I don't know what it is or... READ MORE

Solution to overcorrection (telephone) of left ear after otoplasty done a year ago? (photos)

I did the otoplasty a year ago and i am happy with the results but especially the middle part of my left ear is too close to my head. I will still go... READ MORE

Lack of conchal bowl, one year after otoplasty? (photo)

I had otoplasty 1 year ago, and am fairly satisfied when comparing my ears before-hand. However, I'm concerned about the lack of a conchal bowl in my... READ MORE

Otoplasty Gone Wrong , Please HELP. (photos)

I had an otoplasty performed a year ago and I'm not satisfied with the effect , the ears are kind of "Sharp Pointed" now , the problem is that the... READ MORE

Time Between Surgery and Correction Surgery? (photo)

Hi, one year ago i had otoplasty on my both ears, the right ear is really nice as a result but the left one wasnt, i have done 2 correction surgries... READ MORE

Ear Surgery Problem?

Ok I ear surgery about a year ago and after the ear was healed the docter told me to flatten it buti forgot until months later but when I started... READ MORE

Tender ear one year after otoplasty. Is tension the reason?

It's been a year since I got my ears pinned. After the surgery the area around my left ear turned yellow (face and neck area) and I took antibiotics... READ MORE

Can Otoplasty revision ever be denied by a surgeon? (photos)

I had an Otoplasty done a little over a year ago to correct protruding ears. I'm thrilled with the results of one ear, however, the other ear I feel... READ MORE

Will my ears change through-out my life after an otoplasty?

Hi, Ive had an otoplasty a year ago. I do not currently talk to the surgeon that preformed it, as we fell out, hence why I can't ask him. Please could... READ MORE

I had an Otoplasty 1 year ago in a different country . I don't like the results. How will the new doctor work on on my ears?

I had an Otoplasty 1 year ago in a different country . the Doctor used permanent sutures to change the position of the ears and I didn't like his work... READ MORE

Is this a normal part of healing process, and what can be done to sort the problem? (Photo)

Its been exactly a year since i've had otoplasty done, my left ear has healed perfectly, unfortunately my right ear hasn't healed with a natural... READ MORE

Is it ok to do contact sport 1 year post op otoplasty?

So its been a year since I had my op and im wondering if its ok not now continue with mma, also I get these sharp pains in my ears sometimes it almost... READ MORE

I've done otoplasty a year ago and now I have headache and neck tiredness. Is this normal?

I've done othoplasty a year ago and I always felt discomfort but this week I have headache and neck tiredness I can't even read my books I lost my... READ MORE

Do I need Otoplasty revision? (Photo)

Now, even I myself note that in these photos my result looks acceptable. However, looking in reflections in certain mirrors I am not happy, I see my... READ MORE

One year after my surgery, my crura anti helix has let go, and the fold at the top is no longer present. (photo)

I'm sure it let go after putting my shirt on, it caught my ear and hurt bad, about 6 months after. Also there is a stitch sitting against the skin at... READ MORE

1 yr post op Otoplasty in which cartilage was remove excessively. Result: the top third is still sticking out. (photo)

The rt ear has a telephone appearance, where as on the left, I look like I have half an ear. I went to another surgeon where I had perm. sutures done... READ MORE

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