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Nose and Eye Swelling After Dysport Injection in Forehead

I had 60 units dysport injected into my forehead and in between my brows for the first time 5 days ago. After 24 hours the bridge of my nose swelled... READ MORE

I Had Dysport a Week Ago in my Forehead. Both my Eyelids Are Swollen. Will This Go Away and if So How Long Will It Take?

I Had Dysport a Week Ago in my Forehead. Both my Eyelids Are Swollen. Will This Go Away and if So How Long Will It Take? READ MORE

Long Term Welts and Rashes from Dysport?

Had 85U of Dysport in frown lines, forehead lines and crows feet. 2weeks later I got two red angry rash spots on my left leg. After a week they... READ MORE

Will Dysport or Botox Have Less Facial Bruising and Swelling?

Does one (Dysport or Botox) also have a shorter overall recovery time? READ MORE

I Had Dysport First Time About 16 Hours Ago. Swelling at the 2 Injection Sites Above the Medial Sides of my Eyebrows? (photo)

How long will this take to go away? Should I expect drooping? Did I get too much in those sites that are swollen? Can I do anything at home to make it... READ MORE

Face Swollen 6 Days After Dysport, Is this Normal?

She went for a blood test and results came out ok. Nothing has changed. Could she be allergic to dysport? She normally uses botox and this is her... READ MORE

Swelling still months after Dysport. What could this be? Doc said adverse reaction. Could it be an infection inside? (Photo)

Will this go away? Swelling is worse when I lift eye brow. Could fluid be stuck in pockets in my forehead. What's the best approach. What doc would be... READ MORE

Could I have a possible allergy to dysport?

2 weeks ago was my second time receiving dysport injections to Frontalis. Within an hour my eyes and face started to swell and itch. I didn't think... READ MORE

1 day post op after dysport and my eyebrow seems arched and higher than the other. Is this normal?

I had disport in forehead and crowsfeet yesterday woke up this am and one eyebrow is arched up in middle and the other one isn't, I see a bit of... READ MORE

I just had dysport injected between my eyes, and it is swollen. Will it go away soon?

I just had Dysport injected between my eyes (today) I feel a lot of heaviness, more heaviness on my right eye. It is swollen and right eye also is... READ MORE

Eyelid swelling after dysport?

I had minimum dosage of dysport injections approximately four weeks ago after one week I noticed swelling in my eyelids/brow area and at the bridge of... READ MORE

Cyst after Dysport Injections? (Photos)

I received dysport in forehead along with juvederm in laugh lines. I had a red bump at one injection site that had swelling the size of a silver... READ MORE

Dysport injection 128 units throat swelled within 10 mins.

Hi. I had 128 units of Dysport (used Botox several times no problems) to my forehead, between brows and crows feet. Within 10 mins after leaving my... READ MORE

Was injected with Dysport 2 weeks ago. Immediately got very itchy eyes and began to swell.

It's now been 2 weeks and my eyes are still extremely itchy and very swollen with some matting in the mornings. I've been on steroids and steroid eye... READ MORE

I have cold symptoms after Dysport, what should I do?

In April 10 I used Dysport on the forehead and the eyes a little I only had it once and in such a small amount . After several days getting Dysport I... READ MORE

AVM in Left basal ganglia with 4 embolizations (including Gamma Knife 2 years ago).

15 days ago, I've had 4 full ampules of Dysport (as recommended by my doctor) to correct my right hand and leg muscles contraction due to AVM but,... READ MORE

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