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Cant Smile After Dysport Was Injected for Tmj Pains in my Masster Muscle? (photo)

I had 25 units of dysport injected into my masster muscle 10 days ago and today I woke up and cant smile on left side of my n face. I also feel... READ MORE

For how long has Masseter Botox ruined my smile? 4 weeks, 4 months or forever? What went wrong? (Photos)

I saw a Dr for grinding & clenching my teeth causing jaw pain.He injected dysport equivalent of 30 units Botox/side (small circle in centre of... READ MORE

Dysport affected my smile and made me look older. Is it permanent? (Photo)

I got 20 units of Dysport injections into each masseter muscle 2 weeks ago for a jaw reduction. It has affected my smile. I don't show as much gum... READ MORE

Can Dysport in crows feet effect cheeks?

Hi there, I had dysport injected in my crows feet & she also injected under my eyes which is terrible, but I'm wondering if that would prevent my eyes... READ MORE

Dysport Changed the Look of my Smile - How Long Until It Wears Off?

I had dysport treatment, and it changed the look of my smile which is my best feature, I'm worried that it will last for long. When woudd the Dysport... READ MORE

If I smile a lot, will masseter Dysport go away faster?

If I smile more (when no one is around of course as I look like a freak), will the Dysport wear off a little more quickly? Will my face regain it's... READ MORE

Dysport/Restylane disaster!!! Is there any hope for correction-if not how common are long term affects?

9 days ago I had Dysport and Restylane done by a friend with a trainer helping in the following areas: D forehead crows feet under eye intradermal in... READ MORE

Dysport on chin, crooked lower lip, and smile. Any suggestions?

I had gotten dysport about 10 units 3 different places in my chin (mentalis muscle?) 2 months ago to help lessen the crease in my chin now my lower... READ MORE

Given Dysport on forehead/near eyes then CO2 laser. Lips seem fine. I can't make my usual wide smile. Can't bring my mouth up.

Dysport and laser treatment given four week ago. Injections were above/below/between eyebrows. My forehead is very tight and smooth. My eyes appear... READ MORE

I got Dysport injected next to my nose 3 weeks ago and now my smile is gone! When can I expect it to start to fade? (Photo)

First time I got Dysport injected on both sides of the nose as well as above the upper lip. Now my cheeks and upper lip dont lift and moreover the... READ MORE

Smile messed up after Dysport injection in masseters. Did my injectionist mess up, did I mess up by sleeping on side? (Photos)

Two weeks ago, I had 40 units of Dysport injected into my masseter muscles for facial slimming. Now my smile is droopy on one side. It's not horrible... READ MORE

Can Dysport in crows feet cause cheeks to wrinkle more when smiling?

I had 20 units each side for crows feet and since then I've noticed heaps of fine lines on me cheeks when I smile. It's horrible and they definitely... READ MORE

Dysport treatment to crows feet 2 weeks ago: I look horrible! (photos)

Since getting it done my crows feet have dissapeared. I had dysport treatment to my crows feet 2 weeks ago and I look horrible!! Since getting it... READ MORE

I had Dysport infections, doc said it would help headaches and some other symptoms. Any suggestion? (photo)

Injected it under my eye by my cheek and ever since then my smile has been slightly asymmetrical. I have NEVER HAD an aysmmetrical smile.Ive also... READ MORE

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