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Reply to Answer Ill Fitting Crown. My New Crown Never Feels Right Even

After 4 bite adjustments. Dentist says wait 3 days to see if I I can still feel the tooth when I chew. He has ground the tooth to almost nothing and... READ MORE

Composite Filling, Inlay/onlay, Crown, or CEREC?

My dentist said he can restore my tooth #28 by all of the above and tooth #15 by all except a crown. He mentioned that crown requires the most shaving... READ MORE

What is the best process and material for a crown for a bruxer? Gold, zirconium, ceramic, a combination, etc?

Tooth is a bottom right molar and has a root canal, defective crown, & multiple cavities under crown. Cannot afford to lose this tooth because... READ MORE

Dull Intermittent Pain After a Crown?

I had a crown done in July and all went well and thought it was done properly. All of a sudden I am having a dull intermittent pain in that area. I... READ MORE

Is this proper procedure to grind down parts of the crown & remove some tooth material to fit a crown?

When dry fitting a new gold crown it was too tight to the adjacent teeth & was sitting too high. After grinding the crown & my teeth didn't fix the... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Develop Teeth Grinding After New Crowns?

About a year ago I had my front 6 teeth crowned. In this year I've had two break in the middle of the night through contact with my bottom teeth, the... READ MORE

I am experiencing pain while chewing on my crowned tooth that has had a root canal. Would antibiotic help?

I had a root canal done in early June of this year. I had the crown placed just after father's day. To this day I experience pain while I'm chewing. I... READ MORE

Can grinding teeth cause them to move?

I have a three unit bridge, it appears that the tooth to right of my right front tooth is tucked underneath it. When I first got my bridge it was not.... READ MORE

I'm Getting Crowns in the Front 4 Teeth and I Grind my Teeth Bad at Night Would a Retainer Necessary?

Front top 4 teeth are getting crowns on soon! I grind my teeth really bad at night should I see about a retainer ? READ MORE

Having Crown Problems, What Should I Do?

Got a buildup+crown a few weeks ago. She ground down too much of the upper tooth to make the crown fit and it was very sensitive for a while. There... READ MORE

4 front crowns seated 3 wks ago, gums above tooth #8 and between 8 and 7, is now red, swollen, HELP, what should I do? (photo)

Went bk to dentist after 3 wks and showed him the red swollen, gum above tooth 8 he said, i grind my teeth at night (?). (note i dont have any bottom... READ MORE

Removed my old crown. After getting my upper front tooth capped my lower teeth touches the back of crown. Suggestion? (photo)

The dentist could not well reshape my existing teeth saying the older dentist did the cutting wrong exposing my nerve,anyway he did some drilling and... READ MORE

Could my dentist be the cause for two root canals: Excessive grinding in preparation for crowns for a temp 4 tooth bridge?

I had my four top front teeth extracted and a temporary bridge put in. This was a month ago. I was having extreme pain and so they replaced the temp... READ MORE

Had New Crown Replaced on Back Molar in June. Also Had Root Canal Done on It Several Yrs. Ago. I've Been to the Dentist 5 Times?

In the last 2 weeks. took x-ray, thought there was an infection in it, but there is not and he said the root canal looks fine. It's the gum around the... READ MORE

I Am Putting an Implant in One of my Front Teeth So I Can Put a Crown on Top of It. Future Worries?

My two front teeth do not have enough space to support an inplant. My dentist recommend that I should grind both sides of the teeth, a mm size, to... READ MORE

Is this crown a bad job? (photos)

Ive just come back from the dentist thinking I was going to have a decent looking crown fitted but after he fitted the crown the bite was off so he... READ MORE

Can a dentist grind my crown down to adjust its height and my bite?

So my dental crown fell out and i used dental glue to reattached it. Everything is good there but now my crown height is off and my tooth hurts from... READ MORE

What is the difference between a cap and a crown? Are teeth ground down with caps? (Photo)

If you can tell from my pictures below, what would be your recommendation. I want to improve the looks of my 6 top teeth. Right now I have a gap... READ MORE

Can dental bridges move? (photo)

I grind my teeth occasionally would that make a tooth tuck under the next one, if one is part of a bridge? READ MORE

New All Porcelain Crown Tooth #20 Has Annoying Inside Bulge. Why Not Shaped Like Mirror Image #29 - a Perfect Guide to #20?

I had asked my dentist to consider the mirror image tooth, so he took a full mold of jaw to send to lab. Yet inside of teeth feel is different on left... READ MORE

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