Discoloration + Dental Crown

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Dental Crown or Veneer for Front Left Top Tooth? (photo)

I am 34 and had a root canal at an early age on my front left top tooth. It was chipped and filled however over the last couple years it has become... READ MORE

Veneer or Crown for Calcified Tooth?

My front left tooth has been dead for some 15+ years. It apparently calcified, creating its own root canal. I have never had work on it. The tooth is... READ MORE

What is the Best Cement Used to Place New Dental Crowns?

I am concerned that my crowns may darken over time if a good cement is not used. I read an article stating a couple of cements that were not good... READ MORE

Dental crown turning blue? What is the cause of this? Is it important to be replaced? (Photo)

I have a dental crown, which seems to have developed a noticeable patch of blue within, as well as a tint of blue on the outside perimeter (where the... READ MORE

Is a Darkened Gum Behind a Crowned Molar Anything to Be Concerned About? (photo)

I recently had a crown replaced on my most rear molar, here to fore, a healthy tooth. The tooth seems to be fine with no sensitivity, etc., but I... READ MORE

Single Front Tooth Crown - Can I Expect a Perfect Match and Remedy for Discolored Gum Line? (photo)

In 1996 I got a crown on my front tooth. Now I had it replaced(chipped-grinding).It's taken this DDS 4 tries, finally he brought in the lab tech. In... READ MORE

All Porcelain Crowns 2 Front Teeth, Now They Have a Dark "Hinge"?

Fractured front tooth roller skating, rootcanal, had it bonded, then braces. After braces the bond starting to crack, asked for it to be fixed. The... READ MORE

Why Would my 100% Ceramic Crown Have Discolouration at the Base at the Gum Line? Do I Have Decay?

Why would my 100% ceramic crown have discolouration at the base at the gum line? I'm really worried that i have decay? READ MORE

Why Does my Dentist Recommend Crowns Instead of Veneers? My Teeth Are Healthy

I am 46 y.o. and have many root canals and crowns (molars only). The overall appearance of my teeth is very nice and I receive compliments often on my... READ MORE

Is it normal for my gum to be bleeding a year after a porcelain crown? My crown is discolored, can anything be done? (Photo)

My tooth chipped 3 years ago and ended up getting a porclein crown. I kept having to go back over 5 times because ever time the permanent crown was... READ MORE

My crown fell off. What is the worst case scenario that is happening?

My crown fell off, the tooth underneath is very discolored, the gum around it looks like it's infected. It almost looks like it has split ope. What is... READ MORE

Should I Replace my Old Dental Implant? What Can I Replace It With? Why Doesn't my New Dental Work Match?

When I was little, I fell and chipped one of my front teeth. Over the next several years, it turned a dark color and I got an abscess on the gum above... READ MORE

Why is there discoloration under temporary crowns? (photo)

I am having crowns placed and 2 weeks ago they placed the temporary ones. After 2 days they started turning black. They replaced the temporary crowns... READ MORE

Lab tech does not want to work with me any longer and dentist refunded money! Any advice? (Photo)

I've posted twice previously on the problems encountered with my 2 front teeth being crowned. The main problem with the lab tech insisting the teeth... READ MORE

Root Canal Therapy/followed by a Possible Crown on One Top Front Tooth. General Queries?

Hello, i am a 19 year old female and today I found out i would be needing root canal therapy on one of my top front teeth. To be perfectly honest, I... READ MORE

Is It Normal for Bottom Crowns to Be Darker Than Top Crowns?

All my teeth have been crowned (all zirconia/ porcelain) by a cosmetic dentist.The color is a perfect match except for 4 front bottom teeth which are... READ MORE

Is discoloration normal for gold crows and what would cause them to change colors?

I got a gold crown 4 months ago and it looks dull as if it is tarnishing. I have other gold crowns and they are shinny as ever. READ MORE

Front Teeth Replacement for different colored crowns?

I got my crown for my front teeth, last month its a zircon crown but to my surprise the shade behaviour is embarassing, in brighter light the shade... READ MORE

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