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Reply to Answer Ill Fitting Crown. My New Crown Never Feels Right Even

After 4 bite adjustments. Dentist says wait 3 days to see if I I can still feel the tooth when I chew. He has ground the tooth to almost nothing and... READ MORE

Unhappy with Permanent Bridge? (photo)

I had a 6 unit bridge redone after 3 years for cosmetic reasons. The old bridge was bulky. After wearing temporary for 3 months due to the lab being... READ MORE

Do I need Root Canal after Cavity filling?

I just recently for cavity filling done. My dentist initially said I may need root canal, but she did cavity filling instead. Last week when I went to... READ MORE

Floss will not fit between new crown. Will this go away with time?

I had a permanent crown put in today. The doctor checked that he was able to floss around the new crown before he cemented it in. I'm not sure though... READ MORE

My bite is not high after two adjustments but my tooth is very sensitive to touch/bite! To Crown or not to Crown?

I had a hole in my old amalgam fillings, so my dentist removed those and filled my tooth with composite. Before the filling I had no pain whatsoever.... READ MORE

I Think my Crown is Wearing Down the Tooth Below It. What Should I Do?

1 Yr. ago I had a same day crown done with the cerec machine. I have felt the tooth is high & had it readjusted several times. Every time I have... READ MORE

Why does my tooth feel uncomfortable 3 weeks after crown placement?

I got a crown placed about three weeks ago. I can chew soft things just fine but anything crunchy or chewy causes a weird feeling, like pushing on a... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for a Loose Crown to Recover After Cosmetic Dentistry?

I had cosmetic dentistry in which I put in 20 crowns. I have had to have multiple adjustments and am frustrated. My bottom 4 front teeth continue to... READ MORE

How much does it cost get get a dental crown adjusted?

I had root canal done about 2 years ago. I've recently been having some pain on my crown just about now. It hurts to chew and bite down on. I think... READ MORE

How long does it take to adjust to new 3/4, crowns on top front teeth? (photos)

Just got my top four front teeth a cosmetic make over with 3/4 zirconia crowns. I think they look great but I feel the difference for sure. Will that... READ MORE

My new crown seems low and I can not use my retainer anymore. Any suggestions?

I just had a crown on a upper molar installed. In the adjustment, the dentist shaved several other teeth but I can see that my teeth are not aligned... READ MORE

What are signs of bad crown placement? Ongoing issue for month now keeps trying to adjust more on bottom teeth. (photo)

Going on seven adjustments, my crowns are still not properly fitting in my mouth, when they original cemented them in they didn't even fit I couldn't... READ MORE

Can Crowns be adjusted after they are permanently cemented?

My dentist placed my crowns (front teeth) crooked and it is really bothering me. Can the crowns be adjusted after they are permanently cemented? Like... READ MORE

Can the crown be adjusted? (photo)

Hi i have done my front crown and noticed that it sits slightly high up and the gum is not in line with my other teeth . Although im very happy with... READ MORE

New anterior dental crowns lasted one day before chipping? Should they be replaced or are cosmetic adjustments normal? (Photo)

Recently had 4 crowns placed on the middle front teeth. One day later a crown chipped on its own. I immediately contacted my dentist who assured me he... READ MORE

Can a dentist grind my crown down to adjust its height and my bite?

So my dental crown fell out and i used dental glue to reattached it. Everything is good there but now my crown height is off and my tooth hurts from... READ MORE

I have a 3 unit bridge on both sides top front a week ago permently cemented but it feels tight on one side

Will this settle? The teeth throb & the sides of my mouth squeeze the canines when I purse my mouth, they have already been adjusted to remove... READ MORE

After having my bite adjusted, I have TMD issues and speak with a lisp. How do I fix this?

I had two new crowns inserted six months ago. The were for the first molar on right hand side, top and bottom. Afterwards, the bite felt like I was... READ MORE

Having crown issues still, please help. Has caused depression and regret

I have had six adjustments on my front four crowns, the issue that have been having is that my bottom teeth still bang into the back of my upper back... READ MORE

I had a crown put on, why can't I bite down with force?

My dentist said my upper right molars had deep decay and the filling was falling apart, so he suggested taking out the old filling and putting on a... READ MORE

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