Do I need Root Canal after Cavity filling?

I just recently for cavity filling done. My dentist initially said I may need root canal, but she did cavity filling instead. Last week when I went to get crown, I still had pain, then she said I may need root canal, but she went ahead with crown. Now after a week it still hurts, bite also needs to be adjusted and I may need to get a root canal. But my questions is do I need to pay her for root canal as well? I aleady paid her for cavity filling which did not work.

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Root canal

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root canals can needed anytime that you work on a tooth.  In your case it seems that the dentist tried to be conservative and just do a filling in a cavity that was close to the nerve.   As for fees, those are separate from the original filling fee.    Most of the time , your dentist will apply the filling fee towards the more expensive procedure as a courtesy .Your tooth will not feel better prior to your bite adjustment and root canal and new crown.  The procedure should take about 2 hours , from start to finish and with cad cam dentistry, they should be able to make your final crown In one visit

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Root canal after #crown?

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Hello there,
I would recommend returning to your dentist for a follow up. It is important that your bite be even and that you are not hitting on a particular tooth harder than the others. A bite that is off can cause chewing pain, jaw pain, headaches and other issues. It sounds like your dentist removed a cavity that was close to the pulp (nerve) and prepped your tooth for a crown. Your dentist will continue to monitor your tooth and if symptoms persist then a root canal will be recommended.  If this is the case, you would be expected to pay the cost of the root canal. Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions. 

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Cavity filling and need of root canal.

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Sometimes removing the cavities you can get close to the pulp, it will depend on the size of the cavity, and pulp chamber if has been affected /reached by the cavity. On a regular basis the patient is informed that after removing the cavity your tooth may get sensitive for a short period of time. If pain is still present "pulp capping" or simply a root canal theraphy is indicated.  
Cavity filling is performed after removal of caries, if nerve has been affected previously or just removing the caries that was too close to pulp/nerves made you feel pain doesnt mean that your filling didnt work. 

Jose Alonso, MD, DDS
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