6 Months Post-op + Dental Crown

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Bad Smells in Crowns when I Press with my Tongue Bite or Suck my Saliva on my Teeth?

I change my old metal crown with a emax, since them i have problems with odor and flavor as each time I pressed or bite a liquid and tastes came and... READ MORE

Am I allergic to my crowns and veneers?

Six months ago I had 4 crowns and 4 veneers put on, since then I have had a burning tongue and roof of my mouth. My tongue is also swollen... I am so... READ MORE

I Got a Temp Bridge Put in 6 Months Ago and Getting Headaches, Pain, Dizziness?

They 'lost' 'never recieved' or 'didn't order my bridge'. My SO and myself have called their office multiple times and they always say they will call... READ MORE

Which Tooth is the Problem, What Treatment Do I Need to Eliminate Pain with Least Trauma to my Teeth?

6 months ago #31 had new gold crown because it was cracked. It is cold sensitive and since placement, #30 now has pressure sensitive pain. Neither... READ MORE

Pain with new crown. Any suggestions?

6 month ago i got a new crow, temp cement. After few weeks the paint started. The dentist did root canal. Pain returned few weeks later.Again. My... READ MORE

Is it possible to have my crown removed completely?

I got one of my tooth crowned about 6 month ago, the doctor practically forced me to crown it, the tooth was a little cracked but it was not a big... READ MORE

Biting pain 6 months after root canal

I had root canal done on #4 and #5 last July and Aug 2013 respectively. It is now January 2014. #5 has crown done last November 2013. And was waiting... READ MORE

Can I get crowns redone after only wearing for 6 months? (Photo)

My teeth in the older picture look so much nicer than my new 5 front crowns, 3 on right and 2 on left. Why did fixing my bite change the direction of... READ MORE

Uneven crown surface, should dentist replace free including his time? Can I expect to get what I paid for without paying again?

6 months ago a private dentist replaced my two top front crowns, they were over 10 years old and had some metal showing near gum line. A few months... READ MORE

I got a root canal and a crown down on my second to last molar 6 months ago.

I was fine but for 4 days know its sensitive and sore only when I eat. What can it be? READ MORE

Why would a crown appear more grey after about 6 months?

Hello, My daughter had a crown put on her front top tooth after an accident. It looked beautiful at first, but over a period of 6-8 months, it appears... READ MORE

Is it normal for a 6 month old crown to hurt when you chew?

I got a crown on my bottom molar almost 6 months ago. Since it was placed the dentist I went to buffed my upper tooth to adjust the bite. The bottom... READ MORE

Why am I experiencing pain with a dental implant that was finished 6 months ago?

I received my crown 6 months ago for my implant. Within 3 months of having the crown on, I began to feel discomfort. I went back, the dentist just... READ MORE

Teeth near by an implant crown - Pressure and sensitivity?

Hi, I just got a crown put on my implant. The implant was put in my mouth about six months ago and everything was fine. Issue is now that some of the... READ MORE

Why would my Cerec crowns be so lumpy and off on the inside of my teeth?

I have spent the last 6 months getting my teeth restored with 10 Cerec crowns, a bridge and a couple of redos on root canals. My problem is the inside... READ MORE

The top of my tooth adjacent to recent crown is turning black, is this normal?

I have had a rear tooth root canal and crown fitted in the last 6 months and have noticed that the adjacent tooth has started to turn black at the top... READ MORE

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