Bad Smells in Crowns when I Press with my Tongue Bite or Suck my Saliva on my Teeth?

I change my old metal crown with a emax, since them i have problems with odor and flavor as each time I pressed or bite a liquid and tastes came and smells awful, these crowns I put in July 2012 and I almost every month a see this dentist because, my gum are healthy. My dentist decided to remove all and when they took the moldings came out one and smelled awful. Because this tooth She would't take the others .She want to see if that is causing the smell and taste, but i still have the same problem

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Odor From Between Crowns

If your crowns are new there can be several margins (crowns not fitting completely or sealed), open contacts where food gets wedged, inefficient flossing or brushing, cement still around the margins that are unable to be cleansed completely or misshaped crowns that you can't remember where and how your going to to keep them clean. It doesn't mean that there is decay present...which is a possibility....but it is definitely a bacteria problem. Bacteria break down the sugars in the foods that you eat and form the plaque which creates that foul taste. Get back to the dentist you saw and get him to make it right or see someone who can. Depending on the age of the crowns dentist #1 may have to fork over some reimbursement to dentist #2 to accomplish that.

Bad smell?

The smell comes from bacteria. This means decay under the crown in which case it should be redone if its not coming from the crown then it is coming from the gum tissues and perhaps you have periodontal disease and should be treated good luck


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