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Is Cool Sculpting a Good Method for Saddle Bag Area (Inner and Outer Thighs)?

I am considering either Liposuction, Buttock Augmentation through fat grafting or Cool Sculpting primarily for hips and saddlebag area (inner and... READ MORE

Zeltiq for Saddlebags: Am I a Candidate?

I have really made some changes over the last year with weight watchers and I have lost 15 pounds. Diet and exercise have helped me reach my ideal... READ MORE

Is Coolsculpting Safe on the Nerves?

I am scheduled for a Coolsculpting procedure to remove my not very prominent saddlebags tomorrow night, but I have started to get cold feet because I... READ MORE

Is LumiSlim Like CoolSculpting?

I came across a fat reduction device in Australia called LumiSlim. I've done a lot of research on CoolSculpting and I'm wondering if this is... READ MORE

Candidate for Coolsculpting on Thighs? (photo)

I had coolsculpting done on my "saddlebags" and "lovehandles" about a month ago, and I am curious if I could be a candidate for coolsculpting on my... READ MORE

I am considering cool sculpting for my thighs (inner and outer). is it the best procedure for me?

I am 57 years old, 5'3" and 120 lbs. I have worked out my entire life and I have never been able to get rid of the cellulite or small saddle bags on... READ MORE

I'm 5ft 2in, aged 44 and weigh 47 kilos. I've had saddlebags since puberty and I loathe them. Can CoolSculpting get rid of them?

Is this procedure suitable for saddlebags. Would it reduce the size of them and by how many inches? Would love to wear a pair of tight fitted jeans... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend; coolsculpting or liposonix, or Dr.'s recommendation for beer belly and saddle bags?

Hi, I am blk gay male 39yo... I want to know which procedure is more likely give me the desired results. Looking for a Beach Body... trying to loose... READ MORE

Will coolsculpting on saddlebags make it impossible for my butt to get bigger?

Hi im thinking about coolsculpting on saddlebags but i reed somewhere that If i do coolsculpting on my saddlebags The fat will not be able to Come to... READ MORE

CoolSculpting treatments one week apart?

Hello, I had my first CoolSculpting procedure done to my saddlebags and upper thighs earlier today. I was told to come in for my second round in... READ MORE

What are my best options for saddlebag improvement? (Photo)

I am 5'7.5 and weigh 130lbs I am athletic and within 5lbs of my goal weight, I have a small upper half but have always had localized fat deposits in... READ MORE

For large saddle bags, what is the best treatment?

Some of it is scar tissue from bursitis I think as they were swollen post pregnancy for about a year both times. I looked into cool sculpting but not... READ MORE

Coolsculpting aborted prematurely (after 1,5 hrs, 30 min early). Does that have an impact on the result?

I had a coolsculpting treatment on the outer thighs (saddlebags) today which was meant to last for 2 hours. After 1.30 the machine switched off and I... READ MORE

Will coolsculpting ruin my BBL results?

Hi I had a bbl 10 weeks ago I would like to get coolsculpting on my saddle bag area. Will this affect my bbl results negatively ? And is there... READ MORE

Does CoolSculpting work? (Photo)

I am three months past my second liposuction and am not happy with the results of my saddlebag area. Does cool sculpting work!? Just trying to lay out... READ MORE

Is this the appropriate placement for CoolScupting on your saddlebags? (Photo)

I trusted the operator knew what they were doing but once I was done and looked in the mirror I was shocked at how far down on my thighs the device... READ MORE

Is it normal to have constant stinging pain 10 days post treatment? Lateral thigh area treated for minimal "saddlebags"?

Sorry I don't have pictures. The area feels edematous. I've tried warm soaks, cold compresses, infra red massage & lidoderm patches. I have... READ MORE

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